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  1. If you have flexvolt tools these are great batteries, but the price is average sale price. These batteries rarely sell at full price, and go on sale for this price often. If you don't buy it, you will not be missing out

  2. Hey buddy I think you need to charge your phone. His item will help in the future hahah

  3. I only have the engine. I’m just looking for a way to make a cheap water pump out of it. I found some pump shaft but pretty sure a snowblower gearing wont fit with most of them. I have no clue what to look for… the parts I’ve seen are 2-300$ which is almost the price of a brand new water pump

  4. I dont know but could be a hardware problem. I would do a factory reset and check if it works. Search google for answers.

  5. Thank you for your answer. I’ve checked all over google and I don’t find anyone else with the same problem. I opened it, replaced it further right and does the same. I’ll hope to find someone here who can guide otherwise I will go at a local repair shop monday.

  6. The one thing everyone is wondering; where ended the potatoes? 😮

  7. Stand and bracket only worth 300$. I guess 150$ might be decent. Saw is the base model but still fine. 350$ would be a good deal for the kit. $500 would be on the high level.

  8. Hey hey hey now. Crocs are the official footwear of smokin at home! (Wearing mine right now 😝)

  9. Seems like a rather expensive set of legs next to some astoundingly cheap chairs.

  10. Well, its a 100$ kit the sawhorse and the bracket. But that way, I don’t loose any pellets carrying the smoker nor breaking it. And i think its too low originally so on those it’s the perfect height.

  11. How did you came up with 18hours? Because of weights or? I’m confused…..

  12. No I know why. This is probably from the same vendors. They receive bid and when they are close to finish and too low, the vendor himself bid crazy high so he can cancel the sell and restart the bid.

  13. Woaaaa those Church rub are in french. Where did you got them?

  14. Have you used Mountain Dew as a marinade? Or as a refreshment? 😮

  15. Looks to me like a base model (rear shocks) but that is very low miles. I would do my best to get closer to 5

  16. I agree, get it closer to 5k$. The dent on the fuel thank are wierd…. What cause that? Riding with those dent in front of me would run me crazy

  17. Yeah. Beaver Sweet Hot mustard. But just as a binder. I don’t think it added anything to the flavor.

  18. So it’s not the OEM bed light? Have you changed from spring to ballon your suspension? For a camper? If so which one are you going for?

  19. Love the color! Do you know if the yakima tent fit on the racks over the cabin instead of over the bed?

  20. Not sure about the Yakima one as I've not had any hands on experience specifically but my Burmis (rebranded Smittybuild, basically) will fit any rack system with minor modification. I'd imagine most are similar if not the same.

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