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  1. Thanks. It can build rockets automatically, but there is no satellite assembler, and only way I see to fit assembler for them without rebuilding half of factory is to use logistic bots. I didn't use them because I was doing achievement for no logistic bots(as well as no lasers, no solar and lazy bastard). Anyway rocket in this factory takes too long to build and I just wanted to finish game for once :)

  2. Lasers and Solar aren't too bad, but also doing Lazy Bastard with as fiddly as this must have been, that's dedication!

  3. Yes. Hitler has gotten a lot of free air time the last few years.... Require vaccinations=Hitler..... Support Voter ID=Hitler.... Say something mean to the "free" press=Hitler... Getting pretty stale from all sides

  4. I’m not American so forgive me if I’m wrong, but isn’t AOC pretty far left?

  5. Sure, there's a half dozen of them in the AOC camp. Then you have half the Republican members of the House attempting to reject the results of an election with no evidence. So saying that there's no one from the far left elected is a bit incorrect, but the difference in scale is staggering.

  6. If he got that in his eye, we’d know within seconds.

  7. Seriously, I've gotten poblano in my eye and it's not fun, and that's nothing compared to this!

  8. It depends, are you mud and/or a rock? If not, she has no interest and you will soon get a visit by a Colossus to deliver your bonk.

  9. Yeah I have experienced this phenomenon with Minsc and thunderstorms. 😂

  10. She was top tier in early pvp. Powercrept out of the meta now like a most of the older ships.

  11. The irony is that the nature of her skill means that the stronger other PVP ships get, the better she is.

  12. RIP your clothes and furniture. Ive thought about getting a second one though so they can drive each other crazy instead of just me :)

  13. I considered it as well, but mine is a little diva and would be very, very unhappy at the idea of having to share!

  14. Also saves a lot of picking fur out of the upholstery one at a time because they weave their way in like they're supposed to be there!

  15. There is not and never has been any legal obligation for military assistance in the Budapest memorandum. Both George Bush and Clinton said the agreement isn’t legally binding (even if it did, which again, it doesn’t.) It simply promises consultation, that was all.

  16. There is also this system that turns biters and their bases off when they're in range of artillery.

  17. tbh, Afghanistan was probably fine at the start. Things went downhill once W decided he wanted to redo daddy's war and made up justification to go in to Iraq, which was a boondoggle that pulled resources away from Afghanistan when if we'd kept focused, we were damn near actually being successful there.

  18. Dogs are such huge dorks. They run at us at high speed and some of them see fit to just slam their fuzzy bodies into our legs after barely slowing down. I'd love to know what goes through their heads and what they're thinking when they slam us to the ground with love.

  19. How was Ukraine going to use nukes they didn't have the launch codes for while also paying ludicrous amounts of money to keep them functional?

  20. If they were no threat, why was the international community so interested in getting them out of there? I know there's proliferation risk, but Ukraine had no lack of scientists and engineers - if they'd wanted to, they could have eventually made them work more easily than any terrorist.

  21. For US nuclear warheads at least, the cost is on the order of $10-$20 million to maintain and refurbish one over the course of their entire life (this is excluding manufacturing cost). It would be less in a place with a lower cost of living. Is it cheap? No. Is it cheap compared to having a foreign power invading your country? Considerably. There's a reason countries like Iran and North Korea push so hard to acquire them, and it's not because they're wealth or that the weapons are inexpensive, but because the strategic impact is practically priceless.

  22. Looks like system worked as intended. This group quit and found a better job. Their former employer sued and the courts told them to go pound sand.

  23. Colloquial usage is a thing for a reason. There's no point being pedantic for the sake of pedantry when the meaning is perfectly obvious.

  24. Any new word? This is a pretty critical feature that's been missing for months now. Frankly, this update is looking really half-baked at this point, I've heard nothing but complaints about the new app...

  25. Thank you for the citation, I appreciate it. Emphasis mine below.

  26. I'd personally consider it a moral imperative and in keeping with the intention of the deal to assist, but yeah, the argument can definitely be made that it's not a legal imperative in the same way as some of the early 20th century alliance treaties behaved.

  27. Did you install it in yourself or did you have somebody do it? It always seemed like something I would struggle with not being Savvy in that area

  28. There are some basic ones that just stick to the windshield or mount to the rear view mirror that also have a rear facing camera, although the view obviously isn't as good as one with a dedicated rear camera.

  29. My tool guys just say "break your prydriver again?" as they warranty out my ground down and bent flathead. Nice to have chill tool guys.

  30. Tool guy to himself: "Heh, he can still do this 3-4 times before I'm net negative, and that's just for this one tool!"

  31. So that's how the lube techs put the air box back together

  32. Keep hitting it until it clicks. If it's not a torque wrench, well, the bit snapping is a kind of clicky sound!

  33. Friendly reminder that Lore =/= Gameplay, just look at regular Skadi.

  34. Then there's Lore Surtr not being that strong, and Lore Saria being pretty much a walking apocalypse if she wanted to be.

  35. I am an old-school FPS gamer who still did LAN parties. I'll just go midieval on them as well.

  36. I'm also an old school FPS player, problem being the old part is starting to win out so my aim and reflexes ain't what they used to be!

  37. We should form a group and start every comment with "Well in my time, we used to..." even if the topic is last week's update 😂

  38. Share stories of the days before Conveyor Lifts existed and moving materials vertically required spiral towers, on which one moved their petroleum products because the game didn't have liquids and pipes yet...

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