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  1. If you have a budget, you could find a teacher and he would teach you how to play together

  2. You are probably better off getting just the guitar and then buying a tiny headphone amp (like the Vox amplug) or plugging your guitar into GarageBand if you have a Mac or an iPad.

  3. Whole step / half step are music theory terms used to describe the spacing between notes. It's very easy once you know what they refer to and how to build scales.

  4. I suppose both are correct. Arrogance and pressure can bring the best or the worst out of you.

  5. | Arrogance and pressure can bring the best or the worst out of you.

  6. When on studies I clicked create study but it’s only letting me make move by move. Is there a way to delete pieces and add them

  7. "(d) they could move pieces on their own board"

  8. The way I see it, Black can move the rook, bishop or pawn. Not a stalemate.

  9. I had the same problem. Here's how I got rid of it:

  10. Check out the free beginner's course on the Justin Guitar website. The app course is not free but the website course is.

  11. Reading a good book on chess is a way to improve

  12. A rule of thumb: "Don't pick your friend's nose and don't pick your friend's guitars".

  13. They both use the same notes. One of the main differences is that when you play in C major, you usually start and end your song with the note C.

  14. Technically, wouldn't David Gilmour be the underrated bassist of Pink Floyd?

  15. Remember that the first song will be more difficult, but it will get easier once you have that one. What worked for me, as a bedroom guitarist:

  16. You can use autotuner if that's your thing. To me, this is like using an electric bicycle. It wont train your muscles but it will get you somewhere without breaking a sweat.

  17. It's still one of my favorites, despite the short-comings you mention, because I remember being a kid daydreaming about those underwater explorations, the island, the sharks, them buying the castle, but most of all: the fascinating arrival of Calculus and the sheer genius of Hergé making him interact with Haddock. Two archetypes that combine in a hilarious way, and as an adult, I see even more depth into those conflicts between the two of them.

  18. I do have one question though. Why do you think that Cigars of the Pharaoh wasn't well thought out?

  19. Not OP, but Hergé mentioned in interviews that he wrote that (and earlier stories) without planning it and that he would sometime write the week's pages without remembering what had happened in the previous one.

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