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  1. Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world's first bionic ship. This will be that ship. Better than it was before. Better... stronger... faster. -The six million nanite ship.

  2. Oh God kill it with fire.

  3. Im the sharkhead of Euclid, in my Survival save. No Frigate is safe when im around

  4. Sounds like your crew has some explaining to do :v

  5. one of the vykeens description was "is scared of ship AI"

  6. no idea, im not even entirely sure if turrets can hurt their own freighters

  7. At first time, i though it was the master chief helmet

  8. Its totally worth it,plus you can add me if you want. I play Survival and Normal

  9. He didn’t do too much live action work, but some of the things he did do are definitely worth a watch: Coming to America is a genuine Eddie Murphy classic (though you can easily skip Coming 2 America from last year), and Dr. Strangelove is just a regular classic (where you probably won’t even recognize JEJ until he speaks).

  10. also shared screen with Leonard Nimoy in a live action Aladdin

  11. is that a logitech g710 without the guide button and text on buttons

  12. Yo estoy bañada en chocolate!!

  13. How has Prime 2's gameplay "aged poorly"? You got a source for that senator?

  14. my source its that i made it the ----- up!

  15. To be fair I think the fact this room doesn’t actually appear in the game anywhere is part of what bothers people too.

  16. That's when Breaking the Barrier cames in

  17. While cool, it’s not just a proverb.

  18. it isn't the other way around actually?

  19. Would be ironic if it was cover in flames

  20. As La Plata citizen i love this chain

  21. Che lo instale y eso, pero no me reconoce el juego pirateado, solo los originales

  22. The first and second images look kinda good.

  23. Cute, but this must be the most uncomfortable cloth combination in the entire world

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