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  1. R5: Was going to form pan-north american state and then annex it as the imperial federation. Is there any reason this isn't working or is it bugged?

  2. Did you choose full royal wedding when marrying Simpson?

  3. Me too. Some I'd take some of that affordable healthcare too.

  4. “iTs A prIVatE cOmPAnY……” Remember that shit right ? Because I sure do

  5. It is and if he does unban him then ok. Why you gotta assume the worst.

  6. Subs is how you get money out people with no money.

  7. Thats hardly what is going on. If you read the law from somewhere other than NPR you would understand that.

  8. I like how you came in and farted without even the decency of opening a window.

  9. Maybe Palestinian leadership shouldn't use civilians as human shields. You know that before Israeli retaliation to Palestinian rockets, they warn civilians to vacate. Maybe don't launch rockets that kill Israeli baby's, or bomb cafes, or reject peace deal after peace deal. Maybe accept that Israel isn't going away, period. Maybe don't elect terrorist organizations to lead government. Maybe Palestinians should practice acceptance and act in the best interest of those baby's, by like, you know, negotiating in good faith.

  10. What if I told you the Israelites also used terrorist acts against the Brits when the British occupied Jerusalem, like using bombs on civilian busses or in populated shopping centers killing men, women, and children: furthermore what if I told you when Israel was created post WW2 some of the Jewish terrorists who planted those bombs where elected to high political office?

  11. Please help me understand and explain the history of Israel and Palestine from the beginning or tell me where a good place is to start for myself to learn.

  12. I mean, if all else remains the same, eventually the planets' orbits WILL collapse and they will fall into the sun. But it could take tens of billions of years or more. And the sun may go supernova before the orbits collapse.

  13. The Oxford unabridged dictionary has roughly 470,000 words. The typical English speaker only knows about 20,00O at the extreme. Most get by with about 5k words.

  14. Now I wish there was to measure the number of words we know. Everyone can start having some serious word competitions, but then again, how long would it take to even say 5,000 words in a single session, let alone a potential of 10,000 words.

  15. Well yeah im on mobile and dont really plan on spending a lot of time lecturing a random Redditor LARPing in a libertarian subreddit about how progressive, leftists, and conservatives have no real intent on protecting free-speech. Have you been asleep the past two years during COVID or is your brain absolutely so smooth that it shines?

  16. Ok my single penny. What do your links even prove, nothing.

  17. Whew thank you. I needed that smile and laugh after reading some of this thread.

  18. That was a really good read, thanks a ton for linking that article.

  19. In principle she's right. NATO expansion won't bring peace, and neither will simply pumping weapons into Ukraine and hoping for the best. As socialists we should absolutely stand against Russian imperialism and stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine in this war, but the only possible role the EU can play in this conflict that will lead to peace rather than more war is to facilitate fair negotiations between Russia and Ukraine.

  20. What are the points of negotiation? Like what must be compromised in order for there to be peace?

  21. As opposed to what though? Losing a small part of the nation Ukrainian forces have been attacking for the eight years before this happened, doesn't sound like a big enough problem to deny that kind of peace deal. If any nation should stay out of this, it should be the USA. Russia and Ukraine already have a peace deal on the table and the only reason it isn't signed is because the US government keeps stopping it.

  22. Please show me how the US is interrupting the peace negotiations, which the US is not currently apart of.

  23. I'm sorry you aren't smart enough to deduce what misspelt word I used.

  24. No, we both lost. I'm sorry I called you stupid. I don't like being shitty or mean.

  25. Pretty ironic, as it is the result of Democrat court packing...

  26. Is it? I get FDR nominated 8 of the 9 SCOTUS from 38 to 40 but the Senate still has to confirm each candidate, and one of those SCOTUS was a member of the KKK.

  27. So because Republicans voted for liberal judges they're okay with any decisions a liberal justice makes? Or vice versa?

  28. t's difficult for me to tell because SCOTUS enforces the law and our two parties legislate our laws.

  29. Fucking exactly!! Sick of this guy and sick of his crap being forced on me because other people are just "????" I don't know obsessed with his antics?

  30. A big thing you’ve got to consider is that when people go to purchase a firearm legally they’re generally purchasing it without malicious intend. Are there exceptions? Of course. Do accidents happen? Of course. But that can be said with anything. Do all people that go out to buy a car intend on getting drunk and killing a family of 4? Of course not. That’s where we walk the line in society of mitigating risks while respecting other’s rights. Which is always the bottom line, my main view has always been that the right to have a firearm isn’t about “hunting” or “sport shooting” it’s the equalizer between yourself and the state. The state shouldn’t have a right that a citizen doesn’t have. But that’s just my view.

  31. I get you and the two concepts keeping me from getting on board are two things.

  32. I’m glad you brought up the drones and tanks. Back to my point, I don’t think anyone including governments should have those. As to the army attacking civilians I encourage you to look at the worlds history. Including our own (Waco, Kent massacre, etc.)

  33. Oof, yeah good point. Time for more learning and reading. You have given me something important to think about.

  34. R5: Played Ohio in the North America Divided mod and decided to turn America into a corn field

  35. Don't fucking resign. Give back the award and continue to show the proper amount of shame and tell Rock in person you're sorry.

  36. Can I give you the sex for saying what needed to be said?

  37. Elon needs to do a No Man's Sky, stfu and come back with a finished project.

  38. Joe Manchin (probably): "Opioids...are a drug...and ALSO a drug! Herpdy derpdy herpdy hurr!"

  39. Almost, Herpdy derpdy Herpdy hurr, yurr now a class 5 nuurcotic

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