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HELP! My cat had kittens 4 hours ago and has been neglecting one of her kittens, and still hasn’t eaten the placenta or cleaned it dry. The other kittens are dried off and their placentas are gone. What can I do to save the kitten? It’s still slightly breathing and crying.

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  1. My pcp prescribes nurtec. Maybe try finding another pcp who can see you sooner??? They can be easier to get into than a neurologist. Good luck!

  2. I have never had any trouble with my appointments. It doesn't hurt me at all and is over in about 30 seconds. You will find some great advice in prior posts though if you read over them. The biggest thing you need to remember is that cervical cancer will kill you if untreated. 30 seconds of mild embarrassment could save your life. I think that's worth it.

  3. This sounds like a terrible idea. You sound like you enjoy owning dogs, so I would just stick with that. I personally hate dogs. I love cats. It would never cross my mind to foster a dog. It would be a disservice to that dog.

  4. I agree with the previously mentioned time lines. My recommendation is to do pedialyte Popsicles. You can buy them at any grocery store or cvs. They made a HUGE difference for me! The cold popsicle on my throat was delightful.

  5. Dallas TX, 4 hours, 2 ladies, $350. They did about 1,000 square feet. I asked them to focus on certain rooms and just do a quick once over in other rooms. Best decision ever before the inlaws got here!

  6. Do you mean the AC return filters or are there other ones I should be replacing? (Relatively new homeowner here)

  7. We had our attic re insulated a couple years due to rat damage. Used a local richardson company called Energy Attic. Loved them! Highly recommend. We have a townhouse, so our attic was about 500 square feet. We has R38 blown in fiberglass plus radiant barrier added for a grand total of ~2k. They removed all the old stuff too. Made a HUGE difference. Our upstairs was always 10 degrees hotter than the rest of the house, now it averages 2 degrees hotter. Worth every penny.

  8. Not to be that person, but if your going to Glacier in a month and have not secured a place to camp or reservations of any sorts than good luck. Also, you should do your research for all this before going in a month. I'm also from NC a d visited Glacier 2 summers ago started planning and reserving places 8 months or more in advance.

  9. I second this. GNP is INSANE to get campsites. We are going in Sept and I was in tears with how difficult it was to get sites. So frustrating. I can't imagine trying to book one month out. Also, going to the sun road is a huge attraction for the park and you now need a permit. There are some same day permits, but I have no idea how hard they are to get. You could go and not be able to do a huge chunk of the park bc you can't take the main road.

  10. My EE center stone is exactly this! An antique stone reset into a new band designed in the style of an old ring. I absolutely adore it. We worked with Longs out of Boston and were very happy with them. More recently I have been having my custom stuff done at a small local place in TX. Several coworkers recommended them and so far we have been very happy. As for your concern about swapping it, my understanding is that this isn't really a concern. People post on here a fair bit asking this question and several dealers usually jump in to point out how unlikely it is. I would be way more worried about a jewler who does a shit job resetting it and possibly losing a prong and your stone than someone stealing the stone. Getting a GIA evaluation is still a good idea tho! Esp since it sounds like that's pretty easy to do in NYC.

  11. It is very different in France. My shelter (and many others) fixes kittens at 6 months and 2,5 kilograms. All kittens under that age are adopted before fixing, and their adopters make a written commitment to fix them at 6 months. As long as they don't send us the medical certificate to prove that it's been done, the shelter remains the legal owner of the cat.

  12. That's super interesting! I was not familiar with how European countries do it. I like that the animal still belongs to the shelter in that case. That gives them some legal responsibility/recourse. Do you guys have the resources to follow up if someone does not come back and have the animal fixed?

  13. Oh absolutely! It’s not on you. I just meant it might be time to look for another place to foster :)

  14. Most companies have some type of system that logs things that you do on your computer. This is data collected at scale and is mostly for security purposes.

  15. I work for a fortune 50 company in HR Analytics. We only pull that data IFF someone accuses you of shirking your job duties. If your boss thinks you are just moving the mouse, we can absolutely check "click reports". But there isn't any actual live monitoring. However, that does tell you that there are some companies that do have the technology available... imo, that's only one step away from someone actively monitoring and no company will opening admin when they start monitoring live. Better safe than sorry on this one.

  16. Check near white rock lake In Dallas. If travel is an issue, there’s a dart train station within 10 ish walking minutes. There’s some single beds for 1300. I know it’s a touch above your price, but honestly mate right now safe and cheap is a unicorn.

  17. The Village, the Corners, is right off the dart line and has studio apartments for $1250. I lived there for a while when I was in school and just looked them up yesterday for a friend. 383 square feet, but safe.

  18. Omg. What did that pan ever do to them to deserve this!?!? The pan is enamel. You need to treat it like any other LC. The black interior is just black enamel. Personally, I would start by boiling some water and baking soda. Then go to town with a soft sponge and baking soda. That poor pan :(

  19. Totally welcome to offer to pitch in for groceries and a nice gift would be something unique to your home town.

  20. I LOVE when someone brings a small gift from their home area! For example, a friend just brought me 12 tea bags from a local store in Colorado. Another time, someone brought me a bottle of wine from California. Personally I like consumable gifts rather than items, but thats just me. I know that can be tough when going through customs.

  21. Have you gotten your permit already or heard anything? We are also getting married there in July and haven't heard a thing yet, I'm getting nervous.

  22. Our photographer is getting ours for us and she had not heard back yet either! She said that she hasn't gotten any back yet for this summer, so it's definitely not just you! I am getting a bit nervous too. I don't know what the hold up is.

  23. I use pellet but in tiny wet food trays. So super shallow for when they are tiny. Uses less than you would think. My last litter of 5 went through 1.5 bags of pellets, so pretty reasonable in my mind.

  24. What size bags? Brand? I see some at Tractor Supply but they're 40 lbs (!). I cannot carry 40 lbs, lol.

  25. I use the one that the kitten lady recommends, Purina Yesterday's News. I order it from chewy so get the 30 lb bag which costs $21. Once delivered j drag into the room and then use a plastic cup to scoop out of it so I don't have to lift it! I think the key is a really shallow litter tray for the first couple weeks. That will save you a ton of litter.

  26. I would keep feeding them KMR mixed with wet food. That's probably your best bet and will get them on solid food as quickly as possible. If they are gaining 5-10 grams a day, they are getting enough food. In desperate situations, i have also done some curu to entice them. Probably not the BEST way, but it worked. 3 weeks is early, but sometimes fosters and rescues make tough calls. If they don't have a volunteer who will commit to bottle feeding, better to wean early than put the kitten down. It's the hard truth of too many animals and not enough people who will take them in.

  27. Maybe she'll prefer wet food until she's a little older?

  28. I second this. A kitten this young needs to be eating wet food. Much more nutritiously dense and easier for them to eat. That kitten looks plenty old enough to be weaned, you just need to be supplying food that it actually wants to eat. And kibble isn't it.

  29. I’m glad you were able to save the baby and the mama cat is doing great as well! If you haven’t heard of her, Kitten Lady is a great source for all kinds of cat care, she just recently made a video on

  30. He book Tiny but Mighty is also worth its weight in gold. I highly recommend!

  31. Omg, YES! She had 2 nesting areas and of course chose the hardwood floors. I tried twice to at least get a towel under her. She would look at me, meow, pick up her babies, and march right back to the hardwood. Such a precious stinker.

  32. 5! Mom has her hands full with this group. One is obviously a nipple bully already and pushes the others off. I recommended the foster family weigh them frequently to make SURE the smaller two are getting enough to eat. If they don't, I'll teach her how to supplement with syringe/bottle feeding KMR. Fingers crossed we don't have to open that can of worms!

  33. As already stated, it’s because it’s a smoothie, not a solid food, for the reasons in the link provided. I would say probably half of WW counts blended fruit as points, and at least half makes their smoothies zero points. Definitely a personal choice in my opinion

  34. I am firmly in the 0 point camp and will never change my mind on this one 😂

  35. I bought my wife a pair of Tieks because she is a teacher and on her feet a lot and complains about her feet hurting from her normal heels that she wears. After doing some anecdotal (asking female friends) and online research they were very well praised. I can say they are still the only pair of flats she owns 3 years later and she wears them pretty often still to this day. I’ve taken the time to use some leather conditioner on them once a year when I do the same to my work boots, but they seem to be in great shape.

  36. I LOVE my Tieks. Worth every penny in my book. I buy myself a new pair every Christmas. My annual treat to myself on another year down.

  37. I think the most shocking realization I had losing weight was that it really doesn't take much to gain it. To gain 1 lb a week, it's 500 calories extra a day... that's a Starbucks chai. Or an extra serving at dinner if it's something heavy. Or a few cookies. Or a bowl of ice cream. It's a lot less than I thought it was. Which is why I slowly put weight on. The hardest part for me is coming to the realization that this has to be forever. When I made that choice, losing became a lot easier. I have maintained 60 lbs gone for 4 years now. Some months are easier than others. Some I gain, some I lose. But I am very focused on staying withing a 5 lb range. If I creep up, I get more strict with my eating.

  38. I am obsessed with a clean pot. I can't stand any food residue on my LCs. When I am done, I let the pot cool. Then I run the tap as hot as I can, fill the pot. Let soak for 15 min. Then gently scrub with a sponge. If there are parts that won't come off, I make a baking soda paste (just baking soda and water, nothing fancy), very thick. Gentle scrub the pot with the paste. I cook in my LCs every day, sometimes twice a day. They still look new using the above method!

  39. I filed EEO1 for 4 years, feels free to hit me in if you have specific questions.

  40. I feel like I could have written this post! I am in a very similar boat and it is rough. Thanks for posting, I gained a lot by reading all the other comments. My boss keeps promising to make my job title Data Scientist since I model pretty often at work, but it never comes through. It's pretty disheartening.

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