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  1. Being strong-willed and driven. It was a good thing until it led to be no longer being on the same page as my ex because I kept learning and growing and he was happy standing still.

  2. Ffs break up. He is a pos and is love bombing you

  3. How should I do it? He has some of my things and I want them back before I breakup because I’m scared of them being damaged. What can I do in a smart way?

  4. When you go there next just grab a couple of the things saying something like “oh I think I’ll bring this back to my place for now” only if he asks. If he doesn’t ask just slowly take a few things at a time. Are they small things or big things?

  5. Hmmm okay I’ll do that today then :) I’ll take them one by one

  6. Being away from her taught me not to cheat again

  7. Wtf - you shouldn’t have cheated in the first place you twat :/

  8. The fact that he is into porn is not good. It objectifies women, and no one looks like those bimbos, anyway. He's comparing you to those bimbos? Surely you can do better than the guy you're with now. Being single can really suck, but it beats being with a guy like that. No one should be treated like he treats you.

  9. Yeah and the crazy thing is he himself said it- and said that he wished that he met me when he “was ready to settle down” so that he ex gfs would be the ones who he made to put up with his mental bullshit instead of me. And I was like naaaaawww 🫥😶

  10. why would he mention marriage and then say he’s not ready to settle down? fuck this guy

  11. I know right - that's what I was thinking - and that's what mask set me feeling weird

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