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TIL of the high % of NASA astronauts that were Boy Scouts. Of the 312 selected as astronauts, at least 207 have been active in scouting. Of the 24 to travel to the moon, 20 were scouts, including 11 of the 12 moonwalkers, and all three members of the crew of Apollo 13.

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  1. Just make sure that whenever you, acting as the mythical contractor, send yourself an email and copy your boss, you ask for someone to, "do the needful."

  2. Just here to say I agree, i turned my brain off completely for just about every nick cage movie

  3. Neither Victoria nor Elizabeth II have held the title 'Queen of England'.

  4. Brilliant PMs are like Air Traffic Controllers. Incredibly important, keep things from crashing and burning.

  5. It’s always funny to me. In the American Anglophile world Harvard is held as the top, but then people cannot stop talking about having gone there, but if you know anything about being English then you know if you have it you never talk about it. Talking about going to harvard is owning a yellow Ferrari, your letter is your old Defender.

  6. What the hell are you talking about? Talking about going to Harvard is actually a taboo, unless it is directly relevant to the conversation ( It is called, "Dropping the H bomb" and is very frowned-upon. It is also a strange, kind of twee convention to say, "I went to school in Boston." A city where Harvard mostly isn't.

  7. This post is what I am talking about. This sub is for a fashion concept, some people extend that to lifestyle. Posting “the old school club” as a humble boast is the epitome of not belonging. If you belong, you don’t care.

  8. The post was made by an anonymous poster on the internet. No one knows who he/she is, so there really is no "humble boast" possible. It seems pretty clear that it was posted as an example of the Navy Blazer AESTHETIC, in the same way that people post old Range Rover advertisements and such.

  9. Regarding things like arrival time and attendance: For a great many low paying jobs, being present for customers IS the job. If I want a piece of code written, and you come in late Tuesday, I still get that code by the end you the sprint. If I want a burger, and you're not there to make it, I don't get my burger. Which means the business doesn't get my money. Which means, sooner of later, you don't get a paycheck.

  10. I honestly pretty much always have my shirts laundered. The laundry/dry cleaner I use is very small and does everything in-house, which is very rare these days (most dry clean shops are actually just drop-off and pick-up locations and the actual cleaning is done offsite on an industrial scale.) Using a small place means that I was able to discover that they wash all shirts in cold water, dry them minimally on very low heat, and press them with commercial equipment but not the massive, 12-shirts-at-a-time machine the big places use. Really about as gentle as you are going to get from a commercial laundry, and honestly probably gentler than I would be doing them myself. $4 a shirt, as opposed to a few pennies doing them myself or $2.35 at the more typical cleaner further down the same block, but life is too short to iron shirts.

  11. Most Brooks Brothers summer sport shirts (and some lingering winter holdovers) are 3 shirts for $109 right now.

  12. Exactly, saying "individuals are the problem" is obtuse. Deliberate or not. I'm glad we can agree.

  13. What are your personal little sprezzatura sprinkles that you incorporate into your trad kit?

  14. I'm really not sure that PPP works here. The whole point of expressing GDP in PPP terms is to reflect cost-of-living differences between regions. Doing so when the "region" is 40% of the globe doesn't make a lot of sense. The graphic would make more sense if it were just nominal GDP.

  15. It is a little bit hard to tell from the photo, but I think I can see both the vertical and horizontal lines of a flat weave. Chambray is basically a flat weave with the threads in one direction blue, and the threads in another direction white. Resulting in a sort of rough open weave with a generally light blue color.

  16. While I wouldn't call it rough, it is woven of noticeably thicker yarns than something like a poplin (which is probably the most common fabric for a dress shirt.

  17. So spectator tickets are now available for what truly must be the most Navy Blazer sporting event in the world. I mean almost terminally so. This is the Head of the Charles Regatta. It does not take place until October, but enclosure tickets go on sale in June and always sell out quickly.

  18. So, I have an absurd number of belts. At least 30. Most are ribbon, embroidered or grosgrain, but I have a bunch of leather belts at a bunch of price points.

  19. I'm going to leave aside the EBay and thrifting, as others have covered it and I don't really think that that was the intent of the question. I'm also going to leave aside suits, as while I think you need one, that isn't really part of a capsule wardrobe, which is all about versatility.

  20. 6. One Necktie. Yes, just one at this point. Why? It is the easiest thing to add later. I would look for a navy and burgundy rep stripe, for versatility, but this really comes down to personal preference. Don't spend a fortune on this. $50;

  21. I’ll be impressed after further analysis. 50 percent girls. Great. If the remaining boys, how many were intercity, rural, and if rural had access to and enrolled in the BSA?

  22. You do realize that to the extent that the number is reduced, by eliminating "intercity, rural, and if rural had access to and enrolled in the BSA" that actually INCREASES the statistical significance of BSA involvement, right? That that is how statistics works? You are arguing directly against your own, "this ain't no biggie" position.

  23. How many of the astronauts were military? You are skipping a few significant things in an astronauts progression from youth to adult.

  24. Ouch! That must have cost a fortune. Almost as painful to Lego as stepping on one of their products.

  25. I decided to wear a linen shirt today in place of my usual OCBD. It is Friday after all, and June.

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