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  1. Yeah he was. He went way too hard in practice and hurt teammates in the process all so he could be offsides to make a single play one time in one game while basically abandoning his loved ones back home to pursue a pipe dream.

  2. There was once a kid that I went to middle school with who played ice hockey for a local travel team and he made that his entire personality. He would duck tail his gym shirt into his shorts, get super competitive, and like always talk about how he was going to play on college. When we played a floor hockey/cricket mash up game he got super crazy about it. He ended up hip checking one of the teachers into a divider causing that teacher to break or tear something in his leg, I can't remember what the injury was but the kid was like super proud of it even as we went into high school. Dude could've been nicknamed Rudy but he smelled so bad and we were all dumb 12 year Olds so he had to settle for Farticus

  3. Mookie has that "I'm gonna go bowling to celebrate" kind of look in his eye

  4. At the trade deadline the Braves collected a bunch of chewed up RingPops and they turned out to be the Inifnity Stones

  5. With all the confusion about when they clinched this feels like the 9th time they've clinched in the last 3 days

  6. Penn States White Out is an incredible atmosphere to attend in person

  7. He was a class act his whole time in Baltimore. He's on the Mount Rushmore of beloved Baltimore sports figures for some people

  8. What are they going to do? Shoot them?

  9. Don't doubt the ability of Arizona police to do something embarrassing and controversial

  10. As a BYU fan and a Ravens fan I loved every minute of his time on air

  11. The game evolves. These things have been happening for over 100 years. It's just the nature of baseball to innovate

  12. Looks like his wRC+ is 140 or higher for every season when he's a Cardinal. And below 140 for every season he wasn't.

  13. The Cardinals dark magic of player development has evolved to give Albert Pujols a final push towards 700

  14. I was checking out his stats too and it's a bummer that he served in the military for a few years. Would've had 3k hits easily.

  15. Hitler robbing Ted Williams of his baseball prime is one of the reasons I don't like the guy

  16. Woodruff Burnes package deal multi team trade for Frazier, Andujar, IKF, and Patrick Wisdom

  17. Blue Jays package of Kirk and Pearson came a close second.

  18. I played against Nate a couple times in high school. He's always been a guy I love watching since I have that connection. I remember his debut being such a solid outing. I'm really excited to see what he can do once he's healthy again

  19. Wilmer is the kind of guy that fits perfectly into the culture and roster construction that the Giants have focused on recently under Zaidi

  20. Fun fact: Andrew Carleton is only 22 years old.

  21. Do you mean eligible in general or for Paris? Bc 00s are not eligible for Paris

  22. In general. Like if there was a U23 tournament that started soon then he'd be in the pool. By Paris he'll be like 24 right?

  23. The Angels would be an even bigger embarrassment without Ohtani. Judge has been a great player on a great team. If we're going off of basically carrying the team to wins then Andres Gimenez would like a word

  24. We almost were in 2016. -40.5 favorites against Hawai'i (ironic), and -35.5 favorites against UCF.

  25. 1 of 10 players all time with at least 7 straight. He can become 1 of 4 if he gets another one to make it 8 in a row

  26. Or kept Saban's vehicle(s) sparkling clean

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