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  1. Do you think if Butcher picked up the call from Mallory, we would have a completely different ending?

  2. It’s called hand drawn effect, it was super easy in Adobe flash, OneyG cartoons has a tutorial on it.

  3. I have R on space because it feels similar to piano actually. R is set to auto attack champs, Also less misclicks.

  4. I think it’s definitely in shock. Mine gets the same way if I let the ac hit it. The leaves just drop down instead of up for about a week. I would give it a bit more sun, or try to reacclimate it to its original position.

  5. I landlord a condo, we have family to support and inflation hits us too - so … yea we will raise rent, you can’t afford it, too bad - neither can we

  6. Why don’t you just pull up yourself by the bootstraps and go get a real job? No one wants to work anyways so I’m sure there’s a spot you can fill.

  7. Why don’t YOU pull up YOUR bootstraps and make more $$$. You obviously can’t afford it anymore, your problem.

  8. Sure let me move to bumfuck Nowhere, where there are no jobs for my profession and trade just because it’s more affordable. Dumbass…you do know rent increases yearly due to leaches who feed off of a basic human need. While most jobs yearly pay raise does not match the rate. It’s unsustainable and I have no sympathy for pieces of shit that just paint over an issue with white paint and call it maintenance.

  9. It’s edema! It comes from inconsistent watering. Not necessarily time wise but amount given. I started only using about 75 percent of what I used to give my FLF and it’s new growth doesn’t have any spots.

  10. I was hospitalized majority of my childhood and was told by a doctor I’d be lucky to make it past 18 Add that on top of my parents divorcing and us moving across the country every few months.

  11. If you have friends you can always do Rengar, Ivern botlane. That always makes me crack up.

  12. Jesus Christ that’s beyond infuriating. As a dog owner I can’t even imagine the audacity of doing that to someone. Did you kick a baby or offend someone’s entire family line recently?

  13. The left never accepts responsibility for anything bad that happens in society. They believe they are morally superior and they could do no wrong. Quite the contrary.

  14. I’m an editorial portrait photographer, and the amount of people I see on a daily basis, who tear into themselves is quite literally astounding. I have seen people who look like runway models who hate the way they look to the point, that they dread being in public. Everyone has some trait that they just obsess over and compare to everyone else. I am sure at that mall at least one person compared their figure to yours and wished they were more like you. It makes the phrase “comparison is the theft of joy” make sense. I have seen a wide variety of people and not once to myself have I thought ill about the features that they ask me to “photoshop out” I always tell them, everyone is unique in their own way. Or I ask them “who put that thought into your head?”

  15. Imagine hitting someone and your car is totaled and they just need a little fender fix.

  16. Happened to me twice actually First time I was in a Mazda, got rear ended by coming to a sudden halt( accident in front of me blocking my lane) bumper got scuffed, the other car a Nissan. It’s airbags went off and the hood broke. Second time in an f-150, I was moving away from my hometown and got rear ended at a red light. The dudes car was beyond wrecked. I get out to check the damages and he barely scratched my towbar/ bumper. However he broke my chemex coffee brewer and it was a very sad moment.

  17. Jesus Christ, we can’t have anything nice without a capitalist dick down our throat

  18. This is the reason why I have to have a permit to bring cameras into parks now. Stupid people doing stupid shit on camera that causes harm to the environment.

  19. Wtf is genderqueer or two-spirited?

  20. Gender queer is basically a blanket statement for Non Binary. Two spirited is Gender queer but Native American. I don’t fuckin know why there needs to be this many terms, but it doesn’t hurt to know them.

  21. When they extend their legs as far as possible into the back of your seat so you can’t recline. I wasn’t going to recline anyways since it’s rude as fuck but taking away my option to is mean.

  22. Its photography, yes? Just do a different type of photography under a different name and don't tell them. Use your mother's maiden name! Do newborn portraits out of your home or a small studio! It doesn't have to be big conventions and runways.

  23. To the point of staying vague "No" ;) However I will say that I have tried other lines of work within my trade. I personally have fallen in love with how chaotic and energetic this particular industry is. As well as feeling this is the best fit for my personal goals.

  24. I do concert photography, maybe try that? Its super illegitimate no one uses invoices or real names they can't catch you haha

  25. Honestly I talked with my partner, and it opened up a whole other level of trust for us. This was around 5 months and we are about to hit a year together. She loves it, something to do about the dynamic switch. As well as some power play. At first she was willing to try it and now it’s almost like we have to.

  26. For real, I am working two jobs. I can barely scrape by. I am literally destroying my body. My knee is beyond hurt and I can’t even afford the doctor. While my landlord hasn’t fixed my door or sink in months since I put in the request. When I told him my rent is going to be late since of my jobs had no gigs for me one month, he told me to get a real job…ironic :,)

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