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  1. They have been doing the same thing to me the past 2 weeks. I emailed support and they said I needed to call and talk to someone about having it disabled. I verified it is switched off in my settings so I'm wondering what is going on also.

  2. I've contacted support multiple times over the years. My issue has always been resolved within a few days.


  4. The true expense ratio is .41%. The +10% is just how they need to report it because of the type of investments it holds. I've had it for several years and the dividends are great.

  5. Oh, hey, its you again. As you can see im still quite on the fence on $bizd. Just like $SVOL I'm likely to aquire a small position of 500$ and see how it fares in reality vs on paper.

  6. I don't see the reporting laws as vague, just that they make it (in the case of BDCs) un-necessarily hard to get the actual expense number. You need to do what is comfortable for you. For me, I'm comfortable with the investment as it has been paying me nicely for some time now. I'm continually buying more BIZD. I have about a $50,000 position in it and have been adding to it every week all year. That said, I've also been adding to my positions in individual BDCs (PSEC and ORCC).

  7. Biggest reason for me is the limit of 6k/6.5k - if you get paid a dividend and try to reinvest it yourself, if you hit that limit already you can not reinvest. However, turning DRIP on allows you to bypass the limit in a way.

  8. This is patently false. Those limits are for contributions of outside money coming in to the IRA. You can reinvest dividends to your hearts content inside the account. I've already reinvested over $20k of dividends in my IRAs this year.

  9. I received let’s say $80 in dividends, if I already hit my contribution limit for Roth IRA, I am not able to manually reinvest those dividends because it says I already hit my contribution limit. So what are you referring to?

  10. Again, that is absolutely not true. The contribution limits refer to exactly that: contributions. Dividends are not contributions. Think about it: why would ANYBODY ever invest in an account they could not reinvest their dividends in? It doesn't make any difference if you DRIP them or they are deposited as cash into the account. It does not count against your limit to put in outside money if you take that cash to buy additional securities within your Roth (or any other retirement account for that matter).

  11. I am lucky/fortunate to be in this position.

  12. Don't know where you got your yield figure, but the Vanguard website says yield so far in 2022 is .89%. I know forward yields can vary from trailing yields, but not by that much.

  13. Bc bizd has an obscenely large expense ratio

  14. Not true. It appears that way due to SEC reporting requirements for funds of funds, but the actual ER is ~.40.


  16. Yes, at first blush that does indeed seem to be the case, but as in all things, the devil is in the details, e.g., the fine printed footnotes. The summary prospectus and prospectus on their site explain the fee structure, specifically noting they do not pay "acquired fund fees" even though they are required by SEC regulations to report expenses a certain way. Here is a short explanation of the true expense ratio you pay (.41%):

  17. Damn millennials needs to get their priorities straight! We have to pay for Medicare. The Boomers are entitled to it, you know?

  18. Yes, we are. We paid for it over the decades we worked. At least that's the way it's supposed to work. It doesn't work because the politicians spend more than they reasonably can take in and those dollars we paid in were spent elsewhere.

  19. Lmfao you mean just like I am paying into SS, but won’t ever see it? Boomers really just got the best the world ever had to offer, punched their way down to make sure nobody could have it better and now act like younger generations are the problem.

  20. I'm not saying anything of the sort. I'm simply saying that we are due what we were promised, just as you are.

  21. I've held for over 10 years and this has been a good dividend payer. If you buy in now your dollars will yield you over 10%. I have continued to buy in this downturn of the market so my yield on cost is steadily going up.

  22. I do wish there was an option to DRIP back into the security/fund that generated the dividend, but that would be antithetical to the whole way M1 works, to keep the allocations balanced. It's the only thing I miss from my E*Trade days....

  23. I own VNQ, XLRE, ADC, AHH, O & STAG. They've all been beat to crap the last few months but with DCA the total yield is quite nice at this point.

  24. What a great article! Too bad it's over 20 years old and the links are no good.

  25. You just locked in your losses by selling similar investments to what you are looking to buy. Hard to make sense of that.

  26. Why? I'm retirement age and here. And on many other investing subs.

  27. Don't look now, but we have been in a recession for many months now. We don't need to speculate whether it will hit in 2023.

  28. I’ve been enjoying the monthly dividends from O although I know in the long long it will affect my taxes

  29. In the "long long"? You'll pay more in taxes every single year.

  30. From the article: Low wage earners receive "high Social Security replacement rates"???? What a stupid statement! Social Security payments are based on your highest earning years - low earnings through life will result in low Social Security replacement rates.

  31. Good for you for paying off your mortgage! Psychologically the best thing I ever did. I'm assuming that's why you have 50% of your net income to invest. As others have already said I would not do VOO and VT, and at your age a minimal percentage of bonds, no more than 5%, if any.

  32. BND is probably the most commonly used broad corporate bond ETF. There are a variety of others, covering a wide range of types of bonds. Personally, I also hold VGLT for long term treasury bonds.

  33. BND is a total bond market ETF, not a corporate fund. That would be VTC. BND holds many different kind of bonds; corporates only make up ~26%.

  34. Hard to put much credence in the post when the author mis-identifies and mis-characterizes VTI, one of the most well known ETFs out there (aside from SCHD). Too bad because the premise is solid to invest for the long term and not obsess over short term losses.

  35. The only $$ you need to "recharacterize" as others have spoke about is the 2022 amount. Leave the rest of your Roth alone - you don't want to lose all those tax benefits you have worked to attain.

  36. They have corrected whatever the error was. All the xYLD's are showing correctly this morning on

  37. It's the same for all the xYLDs. This is new behavior in the past 2 days for FinViz. Last Saturday it showed the correct dividend yield.

  38. Maybe we'll enter a recession and it'll go down even more, and you'll be thanking your lucky stars you didn't have cash at the time. And around and around we go

  39. What?!?! We've been in a recession for a quarter now, no matter what the liars in the government try to tell us.

  40. Blanket statements like this are just silly, no matter who makes them.

  41. Good point, but at least it wasn't a stupid one like the original post!

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