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  1. An argument could be made that they would be but their emotions cloud their logic

  2. Totally agree. Paranoia clouds their logic.

  3. Romulans are paranoid, but they disdain the pure logic that Vulcans consider ideal, so they wouldn’t embrace logic even if they weren’t paranoid. Romulans seem intelligent and mentally disciplined in ways that are different from Vulcans.

  4. Logic isn’t the only form of intelligence. Romulans seem intelligent and mentally disciplined in ways that are different from Vulcans.

  5. Interesting question but a definitive answer would be impossible to give.

  6. It was shown and mentioned in a few episodes that living organisms can’t be replicated.

  7. Doesn't Kurn comment on the meat being dead when they have the welcome buffet for him on the -D? Y'know, just before he smears caviar over it. 🤢

  8. Nobody has to die for a send-off to be good

  9. The fact that when Gray got a synth body in DISCO they had to look at historical records to find the last person who had the procedure done and it was Picard tells me that it wasn't super common for people to get synth bodies. It sounded like it was an obscure procedure.

  10. It sounded there were other people who had the procedure done after Picard. However, it sounded like the majority of attempts failed, which was why it faded into obscurity.

  11. Yeah, ST ‘09 was really fun, which is the main reason I like it a lot despite some things that don’t entirely make sense.

  12. Greenwood's Pike was the first time he was more than a footnote. Frankly, if it hadn't been for his performance feeding am interest in the character again, we might never have seen Anson Mount's Pike.

  13. Spock had nearly completed the kolinahr ritual to purge all of his emotions when he had a connection with V’ger, which was what led to his return to the Enterprise.

  14. Being punched in the gut by that scene is understandable. It’s a hell of a scene. I’ve seen plenty of people call “Family” Patrick Stewart’s best acting performance.

  15. At least the Braves are the team that’s tied with the Marlins. The Mets don’t have a title in that time.

  16. The Mets don’t have a title in my lifetime. I was born in November of 86, and the Braves won the World Series on my birthday last year. What a memorable night that was.

  17. By fixing, I meant have the LD writers improve the finale for ENT. In true LD fashion, the characters would have no impact or they'd get into some hijinks

  18. It's a shame (but not necessarily a surprise, considering the love affair everyone here has for Lower Decks) that you're getting downvoted, because on some level, you make a fair point.

  19. I’ve read that TNG’s writers struggled more with “Darmok” than they did with any other TNG episode and that’s 1 of the best and most popular TNG episodes.

  20. The Borg in TNG are way scarier because they’re so much more… unbeatable.

  21. It also feels that way in the Enterprise episode “Regeneration”.

  22. Do you know how hard it was for the writers to come up with a good borg story?

  23. Damn, knew I counted 29 but I couldn’t put my finger on who.

  24. You’re right! I think I remember Bauer facing them in the first round

  25. I mainly remember that because I’m a Sacramento Kings fan and they were 1 of the few teams in the 4 major N. American leagues with a longer playoff drought. With the Mariners making the playoffs, the Kings now have the longest drought.

  26. Yup. It looked like they were like 10 feet away from where the HR landed.

  27. What is it with good sci fi characters and going full right wing radio hosting?

  28. It also happened with Jerry Doyle, who played Michael Garibaldi on Babylon 5. However, he died a few months before Trump was elected and Idk what he thought of Trump and MAGA.

  29. I think it would be fun to have a recent Starfleet graduate that's the child of an Andorian-Orion couple.

  30. For this hypothetical character, I think it’d be extra interesting if they were in Discovery and their parents were members or former members of the Emerald Chain.

  31. I’d also say that LD’s the best new Star Trek show, but I’d say that SNW’s just below it.

  32. While I’d prefer a (presumably animated) continuation of Enterprise that shows the Romulan War and the founding of the Federation, this could be an interesting alternative.

  33. Yeah I'd much prefer to see the end of Enterprise as planned. The Romulan War and the founding of the Federation are the only big pieces of history that haven't been covered yet.

  34. The Romulan War would be before Trip’s alleged death and he allegedly died during the founding of the Federation, so Trip can be in the show. Additionally, it could be shown that Riker’s holoprogram was wrong and that he didn’t actually die during the founding of the Federation. That’s what I’d like to see if such a show happens.

  35. This episode made it seem pretty clear that she served on DS9 during the Dominion War.

  36. Mesk is just green Worf.

  37. The reason for it today is two-prong, you gotta know what shit actually breaks and have an "boots on the ground" view of things before you can really understand the impact of what you're working with, and secondly, "you gotta put in your time to earn it". I don't see the Federation having that attitude, but the experience aspect of things is always going to be important, and while we mostly just saw Miles as a transporter chief, if you think about everything a transporter needs to do, it covers almost everything on DS9.

  38. The main problem I see with this is that DS9 was built by the Cardassians, so I’m not sure if anything on the Enterprise could’ve prepared him for Cardassian equipment breaking. It’s more likely that he acquired some experience with that in war with the Cardassians.

  39. Sometimes I'll imagine scenarios where I get transported to the future and wonder what I would order at Quarks. On the one hand it would be interesting to order something familiar and replicated to know what optimized version of a food I like has been chosen for distribution.

  40. It’s been a long time since this discussion, so I’m not entirely sure what I meant, but I believe it was related to Rom becoming the Grand Nagus.

  41. That's true, but the ship we saw does seem to be a science/exploration vessel, so it may be more akin to, say, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution having its own fleet separate to (but coordinating with) the US having the NOAA fleet. Or maybe not. It's all vague.

  42. The Vulcan ship may have combined the purposes of NOAA and the National Guard.

  43. Honestly, I've always felt like NOAA was the closest modern analogue to Starfleet.

  44. It could be compared to a much more heavily armed version of the NOAA Corps. In a few ways, it’s also like the Coast Guard.

  45. Paris is the only Voyager character who’s been in LD, but 7’s in Picard and

  46. Didn’t he fight her over how her hair would look? He wanted up in a bun instead of it down like Bujolds?

  47. Based on the article posted upthread, it sounds like that was someone else.

  48. Well said! This episode was so well-done, from the writing down to the acting, and opened up a lot of potential in the Star Trek universe that helped directly inspire DS9.

  49. “The Minstrel Boy” also stayed with me and it stayed with the writers and producers too since they used its tune for O’Brien’s flashbacks in “What You Leave Behind”.

  50. It’s a divisive episode. There are people who like it and people who dislike it.

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