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  1. I love your style and I think the paint on this one is incredible! They're having a cat art show where I live and I wish we had some of your pieces there!!

  2. So fun! Also maybe try changing the ear angles and eye shapes for different emotions

  3. Brilliant πŸ‘ was this out of 1 peice?

  4. The body was one piece, but I did the legs separately. I drilled holes in the body and securely attached with wood glue.

  5. Very cool! How'd you get the holes for the antennas? Drill or did you just stab the wire in?

  6. Thanks! I used my drill press then stuck them down here with a dot of superglue

  7. I absolutely love this. Great work. Very creativity!

  8. It is! I’ve been trying my hand at original characters. I’ve been inspired by the work of Parn Aniwat (yarnsterday on Etsy).

  9. Beautiful! You may have posted this before, but can you share your process?

  10. I do not mind posting that at all! Were you interested in the carving part, the finishing part, or the whole thing from block to finished carving?

  11. I’d love to see that video! I’m curious for the whole process really, especially with these beautiful hard woods you are using. I just bought my first bandsaw, so am wondering if you use that to create a rough out. Then knives or power carving perhaps? Thx for the inspiration and information!

  12. I used a black cherry wood finish on the dragon with much of it wiped off after sleeping into the cracks. It does show my carving mistakes and imperfections, but I like to think the dragon is just a little war-torn. I used a little bit of oil paint on the flowers and a thicker coat on the background (then sanded to show highlights β€” the idea is to look a bit like stone). Feedback welcome!

  13. I would highly recommend it. I have the rikon 10" bandsaw 1/3 HP and haven't had trouble cutting anything yet. I was able to cut my own 3/16" veneer that was about 5" tall/wide and it worked fine on a 2x2x6 block of black mesquite. On thick pieces or tough wood you just have to slow your feed rate way down and it helps to have the right blade.

  14. I mostly use a timberwolf brand 1/2" 4tpi blade. It works great for straight cuts in thicker stock and resawing, but for thin stock sometimes I need to stack some scrap wood underneath to get a clean cut. I also keep a 1/4" 8tpi blade around for the rare occasion I do something with tight curves.

  15. I just bought the saw today! I’m excited to set it up and get started. The guy at the store shared that was also a good source for blades. He recommended along the same lines - 1/2” 4 or 6 TPI. Thanks for your input!

  16. Your work is beautiful. Curious what tools you are using in your process, especially with the hardwood. Keep up the great work!

  17. I would try and make contacts with interior designers β€” they likely have clients (residential and commercial) that would love these. Great work!

  18. Great work! I’m trying a comfort bird myself right now. I love how this group supports everyone posting their perfectly imperfect creations!

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