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Tyre Nichols: Memphis police release body cam video of deadly beating

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  1. The estimates for the number of people who died are anywhere from 20,000 to 60,000 thousands of apartment complexes have collapsed. People fled out of their homes in the middle of the night and in freezing cold with no place to go and nothing to wear except their pyjamas.

  2. Why don’t you just put to Google ”Kristofersson Paludan” to see for yourself? They condemned it (said it was inappropriate etc.), but there’s nothing else they can do about it. Swedes got riled up that the government tries to quell free speech.

  3. Why is condemning something seen as the same thing as quelling free speech? That seems batshit crazy to me.

  4. Pressure from top politicians in a position of power is something to be wary of, especially when they condemn a person’s use of their freedoms. Ofc it’s not direct barring of using one’s rights, but imho rightfully can be seen as an attempt to silence. Politicians’ jobs don’t include meddling in individuals life or actions, but rather the society as a whole.

  5. Condemning is not pressure. In fact if a leader fails to condemn an abhorrent act or person it’s a moral failure.

  6. The subject also seems to matter. Conservatives have a high degree of disgust and revulsion towards darker skinned people, gays, trans, etc.

  7. Imagine how much intelligence the Chinese got by recording this shooting.

  8. Some of the posts in this thread are good comedy. I can tell there are a lot of people on this sub who never lived during the cold war. Some are predicting WW3 over the potential downing of this balloon, or scared that the Chinese now know where nuclear missile silos are, even though they could just look that up on the Internet because the people who live near them know they are there, so it's hardly a secret.

  9. I am just laughing at the complete freak out about a fucking balloon.

  10. Yeah the status quo is over with ever growing Chinese incursions on the US. Once a year China and Russia do naval exercises less than 200 miles from the US coast. They also are currently invading US airspace (neither China or the US belong to the open skies treaty).

  11. Do you think the USA conducts military exercises within 200 miles of Chinese coast?

  12. China can live without USA consumers. Barely. Where they have bigger problem with eu. If both sanction. China will not be economical power.

  13. China can survive selling to the Middle East, Africa, and the rest of Asia. It would be hit to lose to have all white peoples markets but I think they can survive.

  14. Isn’t protesting, lobbying, criticising, name calling, etc also free speech?

  15. Do they think we have advanced concentration camps for Muslims or something?

  16. Sure we do. Gitmo is still open and we have many more in other countries like Iraq, Afghanistan etc. we even have a couple of dedicated islands like Diego Garcia. Come to think of it we even have dedicated torture ships in international waters.

  17. It's funny - by trying to make a point, you're actually just being racist by assuming that the only people that are worthy of being in those places are Muslim.

  18. I am pretty sure the only people being tortured are Muslims though.

  19. Seriously. It’s a fucking balloon FFS. The entire world is having a hysterical reaction to this balloon. I feel like a somehow we are one step closer to war today.

  20. Nope. If anything, it is a massive deterrent to war. Turkey is a major military aggressor and incredibly unreliable "ally", it cannot be allowed to have military supremacy in the Mediterranean

  21. As long as Israel has nuclear weapons nobody else will have military supremacy in the Middle East.

  22. The Saudi military? They keep their actual military intentionally weak because they know a strong military would overthrow the monarchy...

  23. The Saudi military is better equipped than the Turkish military or any other military in the Middle East outside of Israel. They are also very well trained by the USA in the USA.

  24. What percentage of time do white youths spend in black neighbourhoods?

  25. You support some restrictions on free speech. I support further restrictions on free speech. You seem to think I support any evil restrictions on free speech your feeble mind can come to with.

  26. If a man builds a bridge on his property that can safely only support one person (and this is known) and a man is already on the bridge, a police officer is justified in physically restraining another person from walking onto the bridge to prevent the individuals from dying. However, if nobody else is on the bridge, it is not acceptable for a police officer to physically restrain anyone walking onto it just because another person may eventually use it. There must be an imminent risk of harm.

  27. You have no idea what you are arguing at this point. This conversation is over. Your mind is a steel trap and is never going to change.

  28. Imamoglu was the latest big one

  29. He wasn’t arrested, he isn’t in jail, he isn’t running in the election.

  30. he received jail time for "insulting election officials", and because of it he is not allowed to run. A clearly politically motivated ruling and a bullshit "crime", benefiting Erdogan. But I'm sure you know this very well, and choose to ignore those parts of the narrative.

  31. He wasn’t running and he hadn’t announced that he was running. A trial hasn’t been held yet.

  32. In order to determine whether or not AI has consciousness you are going to have to use language to interact with it.

  33. Why did you figure that? How did you come this realisation. Is this another example of your reasoning process?

  34. It’s not an act of terrorism if it’s a legitimate military target

  35. There can be terrorists attacks on military targets. For example when Hamas attacks military targets its terrorism.

  36. except for the fact that Hamas almost exclusively attacks non-military targets

  37. Even when they attack soldiers it’s terrorism though.

  38. I cant believe they're just standing around laughing and joking after they beat a man to death. Not even trying to administer aid

  39. I can’t believe the only cop not charged was the white one

  40. Just to be clear--I'm not arguing that God exists, or even that eternal things exist. I'm only arguing that these concepts are sensible, and have been widely studied, by people far smarter than a couple of redditors :P

  41. I just pointed out that they are not sensible. It literally makes no sense for something to exist for no time or outside of time.

  42. Curious if you can provide any quotes/etc that back up your claims about Penrose saying "nothing exists outside of time and there is no such thing as outside of time."

  43. His views of time and the cyclic universe are well documented and he himself has described them numerous times in interviews found on the web.

  44. Your understanding of quantum physics is wrong. Entanglement and decoherence are not some sort of an dependence on an observer. It’s a mathematical description of the interactions of wave functions.

  45. The video explains where the picture of Muhammad comes from at like, the 17 second mark.

  46. I mean how do you know that’s what Mohammed looks like?

  47. I don't. In fact, the video states that no where is the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

  48. Why do you think Muslims are going to get upset then? Why is this a blasphemy in any way?

  49. I see where you are coming from. The western nations only cause harm and never do good.

  50. They mostly do harm. And good they might do is a side effect of self serving theft and murder

  51. To live free we need to not live in fear of Russian aggression. NATO seems to be a pretty good way to not fear Russia. But in order to join NATO we need to sacrifice our rule of law and freedom of speech to satisfy Turkey.

  52. That’s got to be one of the dumbest things I heard this year so far.

  53. You are literally saying Sweden has been living in fear of a Russian attack for its entire existence and will continue to do that until one day it joins NATO.

  54. How dare they! (Without sharing their data with the five eyes spying program)

  55. Sounds like its getting closer to time to foment a rebellion of Western Turkey and then give them military support...

  56. Because that’s what the world needs now. More instability in the Middle East and a few hundred thousand more dead Muslims at the hands of the west while the masses giggle with delight.

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