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  1. Not adding enough land cards or skimping on dual lands.

  2. Or too many powerful creatures that cost 5-8 mana and not the right ratio of land to ever play them. People seem to be driven towards the most powerful. There's other strategies!

  3. You should become the best version of yourself.

  4. I don't think anyone has asked this yet, so I will...

  5. Man are you sure you like programming? It looks like its the main contributor of negative feedback on this entire map!

  6. So its just a day bin? No lag between covariates?

  7. I did calculate lags but only some are shown here. Anything that said "next day" or "day before" was from a lag

  8. You need a correlation network graph. Something like this:

  9. This is a great idea so I made the graph here:

  10. Great work. What I would love is a leveraged version of VT total world stock index

  11. Stupid question. Fascism is authoritarian, which is literally the opposite end of the political spectrum, and everything that libertarians stand for. It’s only the insane far-left Antifa types who call anyone they disagree with (anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders) a fascist or a Nazi.

  12. Someone told me they thought libertarians were just closet nazis. I had to see if that was a common idea.

  13. I would be more than willing to multiply if I didn’t have to pay child support.

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