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  1. Here is a location. The opposite of here is There.

  2. You can confront him if you choose, but you DEFINITELY should notify your management that this happened AT WORK. If he did this to you, he COULD do it again to someone else and that is a liability to them.

  3. ‘Nobody on his deathbed ever said, “I wish I’d spent more time on my business.”’

  4. Wow. As a dad, I am appalled at both your guys father, and also your guy.

  5. wow.. i almost have 2 bingos. not sure how I feel about that.....

  6. For the record:. Husband is 61, wife is 43. Been married for 22 years, together as friends, then partners, then married since she was 18 & I was 36.

  7. It's reassuring to read stories like this, I've just met this woman and I'm not going to start thinking about marriage so soon😅 but I'm going to probably just go with the flow and see where it goes.

  8. Then don't plan marriage. Don't plan a relationship. Be friends and do stuff together. Slow cooking makes the best meals.

  9. You might want to decide where you are- Rapid city? Or Hot Springs?

  10. South Dakota has only one that I'm aware of. Black Hills Bares in Custer.

  11. Wife and I wrap the cord around the handle in the nightstand with a little extra length PLUS the length to the top of the nightstand. The farthest down you'll have to reach is the nightstand handle.

  12. I don’t have a handle on my nightstand

  13. If you have a lamp or clock on it, rubber band it to either of those cords. Not as clean but it does work W

  14. your stepdaughter could use your help. The girlfriend, not so much. Make sure you get your key back, so your stepdaughter has it.

  15. An alternate way to look at this, they've now created a low cholesterol menu that they can share with other customers if they choose to market it that way. Could be a good thing. Having his input was good, the way it was done not so good.

  16. I can't speak for anybody else, but I know that I certainly don't have the body or the build to be able to pull off the shorts like you do. I enjoy seeing it, I don't enjoy not having it.

  17. I hear you. If you ever want to try, don't be afraid to dm me first and i can give ya pointers or critiques :)

  18. I'm interested.. backyard nudist here. How do I start?

  19. This is an attorney question, but IF I'm reading it correct- IF you're divorced, the money is 100% yours. You can choose to give her some, or none. That is all your decision. She may be angry but she's also gone. Legally (if you're divorced), she would get nothing from you in S Dakota (my home state) or Montana (where I am very familiar with divorce laws). So, unless your state is different, take the inheritance and give her what you want when you want. You are not obligated to do anything. (If she's being difficult, I'd be less generous).

  20. still have about a half dozen; DnD dice mostly, but i have some collector pub glasses in 3 of them that are put away to give to my kids when I tip over. Even though I'm out of 'tending full time, I still get them from working friends from time to time (and for my personal stock). I'll keep taking them as long as they keep giving them to me [as well as any full bottles :) ].

  21. Don't forget to call the doctor, middle of the night.. ask him what should I take?

  22. I don't know anything about training dogs, despite the fact that I have three. I do know a little bit about computers and servers, but not much about discord. I do know about community, however.

  23. OP: i want to change your perspective for a moment. Your fears are valid ones; here's where I would suggest a change.

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