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  1. Got the same problem this morning. What worked for me was going in the King Dice Fight with 9 hearts. Roll the dice and face a mini boss and get hit once. After that roll the dice and land on a heart field. Thats when the trophy unlocked for me

  2. Ok thanks I'll try it later

  3. No problem let me know if it worked.

  4. Flieder und Stachelbeeren.

  5. Congrats! Did this one a few months ago. These camapign maps with every character were a pain in the ass tho..

  6. Congrats! I'm only missing the online trophies but i cant find the motivation to do them.

  7. Congrats! Going for this plat right now. Did you have to do the 1.5 stuff too or just the base game stuff? Like cook everything, ship every item etc.

  8. Hab eine Freundin gefunden und sind mittlerweile verlobt. Keine Ahnung wie ich das hinbekommen habe.

  9. Got the same problem. The weird thing is, at my home it works all fine. When i'm at my girlfriends place and take my PS5 with there, i got the same problem since the update...when i put the wifi out here it works just fine.

  10. Ausser man ist Zauberer. Denn ein Zauberer kommt nie zu spät.

  11. Ebenso wenig zu früh. Er trifft genau dann ein, wenn er es beabsichtigt.

  12. Congrats! I'm at 150 right now. How long did it take you overall ?

  13. The Gentlemen, Green Book, Django.

  14. I'm at 151 right now. Only 49 more for the platinum medal.

  15. Bei King of Queens find ich die deutsche Synchro auch sehr gelungen.

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