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  1. Holy shit I've never seen a thread where so many people knew exactly what everyone's exact intentions were...

  2. I've been watching Russia slowly succeed and it's awful. Russia can and will competely disregard the lives of their own citizens, and throw literal waves of humans at a problem (Ukraine) until they overcome by sheer volume of numbers. Are they going to suffer incomprehensible casualties? Absolutely. But will it ultimately work in the end if something doesn't change with how the world supports Ukraine? Also absolutely.

  3. Defense will level your combat level a lot higher as opposed to strength or attack. If you plug in your stats into a combat calculator you can play around and see what level you’ll be at with certain stats.

  4. Aaaahh okay that makes sense now, thank you for explaining!

  5. Lava drags but it’s not efficient. Your def and hp level gains will make you susceptible to pkers since you’ll be at least 96 combat, meaning maxed mains and pures can all hit you.

  6. Excellent post, thank you! I've had a lot of people tell me the account is "too nice for defence". Out of curiosity, what do you do with a 1 defence account? I've had so many people tell me not to level defence and I'm just trying to understand what's so nice or special about the way I'm currently set up.

  7. Am I the only one starting to get nervous? Russia is making progress on the Bakhmut front, now Soledar falls... I don't like this shit. At all.

  8. Who gives a shit about downvoting? It’s a bunch of strangers you will never meet with differing opinions on the internet, who disagree with your stance/opinion/post. Who fucking cares?

  9. Because it affects what does and does not get seen?

  10. But if the topic interests you, don’t you read through the thread? Or is the OP worried about the lazy readers who don’t check out all the comments?

  11. You can't read through the thread if you never see the thread. For example, a lot of people are really busy and will sort everything using the "top" filter, which sorts everything by upvotes. So if something has been down voted a bunch, it will effectively bury it way back in the posts for the day. It's a flawed system, but down votes can and do effectively censor a video or a comment thread out of the public eye.

  12. Guy driving was good, this wasn't his first rodeo. Really good control and throttle discipline. The girl however... "I should stand in the exact spot this car has been sliding through for literally 10 minutes straight. This is a thought out decision, and there is no way I have miscalculated anything".

  13. First time seeing something unfair? I've got bad news my guy: Fucking everything everywhere is unfair. And then you die!

  14. The comments on that video are wild. A lot of "Oh God, guide their bullets into the non-believers" bullshit. Muslims shooting Muslims... to kill non-believers? Religion is fucking nuts.

  15. Salafists do believe Alawites and Shia to be apostates.

  16. All I'm reading is "religion in a fucking nightmare".

  17. With that spoiler if it was dark and I was like 400 yards away I'd think it was a Trans Am, which isn't necessarily a bad thing cus 3rd Gen Trans Ams are great.

  18. Repost from literally yesterday

  19. The juicy footage we have right here and now, you know when this is all over and OPSEC isn't a thing we're going to have wild shit being posted for YEARS

  20. Yes, you provided a citation which completely fails to support your contention. I do have experience in the correct use of words. I suggest that you acquire some.

  21. Could you sound any more nerdy 😂

  22. Dude took a skull full of shrapnel and started his zombie walk with what few brain cells were still firing off. Shouldn't have come to Ukraine homie :/

  23. The whole cab stays intact but comes off the frame, I’m inclined to believe he’s okay.

  24. The cab is designed to separate from the chassis in a collision so the driver is in a lil bubble of relative safety, while all the heavy bits continue on their path of destruction, like in this video.

  25. That cab isn't separating like that because it's a safety feature, it's separating like that because his 30,000lb trailer just came through the back.

  26. I'm sorry but you're wrong. The 5th wheel very clearly stays attached, so no the trailer did not do that damage. And the cab separates and slides off the passenger side while the chassis keeps going, as designed.

  27. You sleep with too many pillows and it shows.

  28. 🤣🤣 not sure what that means but it made me giggle. You're prob right, i am really really soft don't like violence even in films. I know I'm a complete melt 🤣😔

  29. What in the 16 year old with their first car and a fresh eBay account am I looking at?

  30. Everyone needs to spend a few days in Yellowstone National Park at least once in their life.

  31. Sure beats the sea of soulless white/silver crossovers roaming the roads today!

  32. Since it was just Christmas, you should eat them off an old Cadillac hubcap. Why? There's no plate like chrome for the hollandaise.

  33. How long does it typicaly take for you to make one of these?

  34. I too was wondering what kind of time investment this is.

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