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Man fights off 2 polar bears

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  1. I'm sorry but I really didn't get the joke .non native speaker here..I know jokes are usually ruined even you explain it to someone else .but cam someone plz explain it ?

  2. 😀😃🙂 I know reddit don't like emoji but that was hilarious..thank you stranger for taking your time and explain ut to me ..that's what I love about reddit

  3. I actually don't think this is a facepalm. I'm pretty sure I've seen an episode of family guy where they're speaking in Spanish or something for a good 2 or 3 mins!

  4. You must have accidentally hit the language button on the remote.

  5. I think "earning respect" is more important, and I've always been under the impression that earning it is more common than demanding it, in terms of expressions.

  6. I'm just keep this short, but to the point...

  7. I do believe you have interpreted this wrong. Average extremist sounds like an oxymoron. But I digress. Living in a world where Trump is put on a pedestal makes me want to remove my brain. Hopefully that clears things up.

  8. To be perfectly clear marijuana has 3 distinct scents from 3 distinct terpenes.

  9. I know nothing about Maryjane or it's smells, but I did get a laugh at Pinene (as in pine, as in wood), and Limonene (Lemon, citrus).

  10. First I get called a "hairless possum" and now I'm being called a "demon".

  11. OSHA would be more concerned with the lack of hard hat, and the non closure of the work area beneath him

  12. Yeah, I was thinking that the area looked pretty open and not fenced off/safety coned.

  13. Hats off to this man for doing the dirty job. Respect.

  14. Man didn't need the help, he knew what to do and it worked.

  15. I also can't form myself in anticipation of pressure.

  16. I once asked ChatGPT to write a story with dialogue as if written by Joey, and the results were oddly accurate.

  17. I can try to find it again, but as far as I know, chat history is currently disabled, or just not working on my end for some reason.

  18. Its a dad joke and it usually goes something like Im _____ (thisty) then hi ______(thirsty), Im dad. Or something of the like.

  19. I keep staring at them, thinking "have I seen ANY of these guys before?"

  20. The cake is to celebrate the new gaming abilities, right?

  21. What is that piece of metal? It doesn't look like it should be that heavy, at least to the point where it would cause damage to the guy's foot.

  22. Its iron and that dudes foot really hurts

  23. Is it? Damn, that sounds really painful then.

  24. Ah yes, your catto is broken and needs to be replaced.

  25. And why does she care what type of drink other people are having?

  26. Anything for likes and attention from random strangers to seek validation..she's a fucking disgrace, that kid should be taken from her.

  27. Whoever is liking this crap and supporting this woman should be ashamed of themselves.

  28. You're here engaging with the content too. Relax, Judgy Jeff.

  29. Yeah, but I'm here complaining about it, not supporting it.

  30. maybe he's not a miner, but someone who was standing right next to some walt disney dynamite

  31. And he didn't catch that damn rabbit either.

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