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  1. I remember the SvR 2007 caw season mode voice options “And tonight I want you, in a cage match!”

  2. If anything, it proves the first one WAS a PR move and calls into question whether this one is or not

  3. John Dupee is a great reminder as to why people shouldn't do hard drugs.

  4. Slade is my boy to this day. Orton snaked me, not Slade. I hate Pierce all day

  5. Maybe wrong to say this about a sex offender but I think Palumbo would be fun to hang out with.

  6. I picked Palumbo because a) Lorne is broke so he would probably run out of gas if I rode with him b) mcphatass’s car probably smells like vinegar and dirty asscrack. I don’t think I could handle the stench.

  7. But Palumbo’s voice would PISS. ME. OFF. Not to mention the smell of his breff

  8. Tbh kingpyn tournament would be more entertaining than the upcoming misfits card

  9. Are you crazy? 2K15 was ass. No create a female superstar, MyCareer was repeatedly not being booked and doing dark matches against Curtis Axel, about 10 hairstyles to choose from, the models look really bad. Just a bad game all around

  10. Me and my friends were kids but ordered the ppv when that happened 😂😂

  11. It would be funny if the next episode begins normal and they never talk about the ending when socko walks I. They just completely ignore it

  12. Thought I’d test the waters. I knew it would be very heavily in favour of Jeff, I just wanted to see how many people would vote for anyone else. Turns out 9

  13. Asking for upvotes is against the rules. Even if you try and make it look like it’s not just for yourself

  14. You gotta be 13 to use Reddit, and that right there was an 11 year olds insult

  15. My love of TCAP / HVP is entirely selfish. My life is shit, I have really bad days but feel a lot better watching Chris Hansen deliver zingers to people who did really bad things as their lives go down the shitter

  16. I’ve never understood why they said Manzi is obsessed with pizza but not Sokol. I always thought of it as a clinical obsession lmao. Like he went to pizza rehab or something

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