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  1. The music is getting better and better as genres are being explored and boundaries are being pushed. Genres are just structure and as they meld and mesh they become wholly unrecognizable in their new forms!

  2. Good points. Unfortunately my Wal-Mart severely cut down on the number of actual checkers. 7 lanes now have to be watched over by one person.and knowing corporations you know there goal was to ultimately save money. I wonder if they do save money, plenty of people steal at the self checkouts.

  3. Walmart, and the grocery store industry factor in a 55% theft rate with self checkouts. Why hire 7 full time employees for 7 separate lanes when you can have those 7 employees all be part time and watch one 7 lane checkout on different shifts and save on benefits and healthcare.

  4. See, honestly the base of what I took from it(removing all politics and opinions) was that, there is no point in waiting to find that “right and perfect” use of time, that perfect hobby/sport/etc. pick one and do it. Learn its ins and outs. There is always time to say “this is shit” after trying it out with understanding its rules/tricks/skills and find another. And even in the lost time, you still come out far better than if you just wait for that right perfect.

  5. I took it as take a first step rather than waiting to take the right step. Like hey go get a job and get on your feet, and if you end up not liking it then quit and take something else, but you won’t be worse off for having a little bit of money. The second part is so on about not deriving happiness from a job. I think it’s also encouraging like if you believe you’re a rockstar then in your personal time go about it a live in a way consistent with that belief

  6. I’m interested what you guys find annoying about the AI art, it definitely fascinates me and I’m curious to see what’ll come with it.

  7. « The look what I made it do » posts are pretty annoying. Like they’ve been popularized for over 2 years now bro….

  8. They discovered light speed, but if the Boy Scouts ask they only used what was in the approved pinewood derby kit.

  9. Which is why I remain on this sub. Just to remind myself now and then that everyone is nuts apart from my cat. He's just a dick.

  10. Well tinder is like the dollar store clearance rack. Nobody worth a shit is on there.

  11. No ones salty, people are just shocked she doesn't realize that she was being used by these men as much as she was and how she seems to validate the idea that the non-cheating partner has some control or responsibility for their partners cheating. She says she's healed or worked through the trauma that led to the need for validation but she ignores the reality that these men likely lied to her about the state of their marriage or how their wives treated them. She doesn't actually know the state of these men's homes, whether their wives stopped caring or trying or whether these men needs weren't being realistically met. Plenty of wives who took care of themselves, provided for the emotional/social/physical needs of their husbands and kept a good home have been cheated on. She seems to take what cheaters told her when they obviously wanted something from her as fact and not as biased statements made my men either too selfish or to ashamed to be truthful. Maybe instead of being upfront and having hard conversations with their wives the men just took the path of least resistance and found a broken person who wouldn't question or need anything from them except the most basic of compliments. Essentially, she was used by men looking for a someone to validate their selfishness. The cold reality is, she could've met them in a shitty hotel, legs half shaved with a cold pizza and they still would've fucked her. These guys found what they really wanted a woman who would serve them without needing anything in return. People here are rightfully worried that she doesn't realize how deeply she was used and how she hasn't learned anything about these men. .

  12. Well clearly she still seeks approval from older men judging by her husbands age.

  13. Whatever material that chinstrap is made of is the strongest material on earth.

  14. I would rather hear it from a lawyer. This year I saw a judge try to throw out all of the confidential documents found at mar a Lago as inadmissible evidence, despite having no legitimate reason to have them and there is every piece of evidence to suggest he sold nuclear secrets to the Saudis.

  15. Well she was wholly an unqualified trump plant from the federalist society .

  16. Absolutely the asshole, OP couldn’t give a single shit about anyone other than themselves. Unfortunately they are within their legal rights, but I’m sure OP blew up on the hotel staff about hEr PrEcIoUs ViEw and fuck hotel policy because people with crippling allergies who are covered by the same ADA shouldn’t have the comfort of knowing that should they leave their hotel room , they won’t be confronted with said allergen, but no OP has to have the VIEW. YTA

  17. Some people are so desperate for a relationship that they will just accept any abuse hurled at them. Op please break up with this loser and go work on yourself! All you need is self love!

  18. Girl you should be realizing you were groomed.

  19. Humans! Unfortunately I’m not sure if $100 million is enough.

  20. Wanna see some awful toll deals. Look up Elizabeth River Tunnels in Hampton Roads, VA. The deal gave an independent corporation that has since been sold to a foreign company the right to toll tunnels that had already been long since paid for. Additionally they are able to annually increase the tolls and the contract runs for like 70 years or it'll cost billions to get out of. I have to drive these every day to work and it costs me about $100 a month right now.

  21. Louisville made the i65 where it passes through to indiana a toll bridge and if you don’t want to pay the toll you have to get off and go around in a convoluted way. I refuse to it them, fuck kentucky and fuck them getting a cent from me.

  22. They should at least ask for a doctor note. Self-diagnosed people are the worst.

  23. That would be classist. Not everyone can afford a visit to a doctor, especially in labor oriented markets.

  24. Wait till you hear about how online exchanges sell your data to hedge funds with

  25. Fun part is that hedge funds have the ability to trade past the tenth digits of a number. So while all of us can sell a stock at $35.51 they can sell a stock at $35.515

  26. I don’t know man that seems way too cold for any director. It’s probably a mix of people tuning in so they want to replay it so they understand what happened, and giving people a chance to review it while it’s explained.

  27. It’s good for people to see the repercussions of the sport. It’s will either sort the safety of the sport, or escort thé sport out the door.

  28. the US generates $11 billion off unpaid labor. let’s maybe pump the brakes on the self righteousness

  29. I literally just switched back to Firefox from chrome yesterday after 7 years and I'm not looking back. It took a little bit of configuring but well worth it.

  30. Try brave, it’s like an upgraded FF made by the dude who did FF. Built in pop up blockers are insane

  31. It has to do with control and a weird nesting like impulse us humans have. We can’t stop the end world, but by god I can buy small necessities that make me feel like I’m prepared and give me comfort that are within my control such as toilet paper or food.

  32. Hol up! You mean one of us ain’t really a vamp kid?!

  33. Tickets were originally $85 after fees. I believe this promotion last until midnight tonight and there is a $4.50 service fee.

  34. Hey so I actually just worked the first day of load in for this show. So it seems about 1200/7000 tickets were sold at the time they decided to move forward with this promotion. It would be wildly unheard of for 1st bank to only have that many people for a show. It’s going to be a great one, this is their first arena show since 2019! The amount of subwoofers they have setup is ungodly! Typically for a red rocks setup 8-9 subs are used. At last count they were at 18 because they added one more. This is going to be an insane production, the video wall is pretty sick too! Just please don’t forget your ear protection!

  35. 100% a bait post. He's giving the stupidest replies to people and typing like a fifteen year old.

  36. I mean his name is significant fish FFS

  37. Who has ever honestly sat through a whole carnage set, much less an extended one anyway. The dude peaked hard with the spaceman remix and has fell short since.

  38. This man literally tried to rebrand to a whole other continent due to falling off so hard.

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