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  1. No mostly because RB don't own a second wind tunnel lmao they're expensive af most still can't even run a 1:1 F1 car at full speed

  2. IIRC they are not allowed to run 1:1 models and speeds are also regulated.

  3. Can we talk about how retail was $220? I just checked Kith their raffle, which starts tomorrow, has them listed at $200

  4. Is the raffle us only? Don't see it on kith Europe

  5. Do the chatham pants have visible BMW branding? I don’t have a BMW but those pants are 🔥.

  6. From what I've seen in store there is only a small 'elektro etc' tag on the back pocket. I wasn't interested in this piece tho but nothing else popped to me

  7. Pour son cas particulier je ne sais pas mais certaines industries produisent en semaine et dedient les week ends à la maintenance

  8. Ah I wish I could watch this. Is There Any way to keep up with the race real time without paying?

  9. Great options there but you can also watch it on the nascar app where you'll be able to watch from 2 cameras plus 4 on boards cam and listen to a radio coverage, it isn't a TV coverage but at least you don't have visual ads except from radio ones. I think it is also aviable on browsers but can't provide a link.

  10. AlphaTauri will always be a midfield team and play second fiddle to Red Bull, whereas Alpine being an ambitious standalone team have a higher ceiling

  11. I mean they may be ambitious as a team but I'm not sure leaders of renault give the f1 team the budget necessary to achieve too much at the moment

  12. Buddies online? LOL. The only people I talk to online want to A) see my dick, and/or B) want me to come over and blow them. Not exactly the caring sort of relationships you are hinting at.

  13. But... Don't they just want to use your straight ass?

  14. We will never read the best stories tho...

  15. Also you cant have 2 manufacturers designing the same engine.. they need to be separate for both deals to work

  16. It could have been a branding thing only as Tag Heuer branded renault engines for red bull

  17. I didn’t read the caption at first and I was about to say how the HELL do you get your hands on a Bristol trophy 😂

  18. Thanks for the clarification, it changes everything.

  19. Okay it's a bit too much for me but good luck!

  20. No worries and thanks - loathed to let it go but I’m more into golf than tennis so going for the TM stuff tomorrow!

  21. They barely checked. We could easily have had alcohol in our cooler full of water and delicious Brie and apple baguettes.

  22. Brie and apple baguettes ? As a French I hate you.

  23. Looks good! These are the two I went for and hit on both. Still waiting on the v2 - do they only come with white and cream laces?

  24. I think there are also light blue laces

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