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  1. reading the old team charts and Jayski’s web archive helps. Lots of juicy information there.

  2. Yeah, finding (or sometimes making) associate sponsor logos can be a bit time-consuming. But IMO it pays off as it makes the car feel more... "real" if that makes any sense.

  3. My personal tip: don't stress yourself about the decision. University teaches you how you can acquire knowledge from different sources yourself. You can pick up a book later on if you have the time.

  4. Sorry for the late response, but thank you for your advice. I suppose it's best to be patient and not rush myself.

  5. probably a good thing for Jeffery that you cant see him…

  6. yep. Though it’s pretty much a cosmetic update and it’ll drive like a 2003 car

  7. Submitting a resume on a website and then having to retype it entirely on the next page.

  8. NASCAR owns Racing-Reference. The website used to have comment sections and blog posts, but some time last year they disabled posting stuff. The pre-existing blogs/comments were still viewable until this year where those pages are completely taken down

  9. thats the guy who destroyed his car twice!

  10. the idea of the nextgen car being in the game sounds awesome

  11. Gee, what a nice sandcastle. Hopefully, no octorock uses it as target practice

  12. It looks like its going to cry haha

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