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Found them hiding in a U-Haul ,lol

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. What else could drop the soap mean? Genuinely curious.

  2. Man’s gonna slip, bro! Then the medic is going to have to kiss away his booboos!

  3. Yeah that isn't what you meant lol. You could just have a mea culpa and lay off the dropped soap jokes, but do whatever you want to.

  4. You are the least fun person I have interacted with today 😒

  5. Your generation also had Jim Crow laws and polio, you crotchety, hunchbacked fool

  6. It’s bad enough when a tiny piece of whatever gets stuck to a single hair

  7. “I’m not abusing you, I’m protecting you!”

  8. Dating can be more than going to a fancy restaurant. For example, you can share a cardboard box for the night!

  9. Moron, every friend of mine that was raped was raped outside of a bathroom by a straight, white, pedophilic male

  10. Right wing nutjobs: "trans women shouldn't be allowed to use women's bathrooms because men will use it as a loophole to attack women in bathrooms!"

  11. Also right wing nutjobs: Senator Bumfuck isn’t a pedophile! This is just a demo-rat plot against white, Christian men!

  12. Well hey, somebody is about to see a “temporary” loss of business

  13. Somebody’s mother drank / smoked / did a fuckton of drugs when she was pregnant

  14. This is what we in the business call being a twat

  15. Getting eaten alive by infection forms, apparently. Fml

  16. Gotta make sure they don’t come back as a lich

  17. Being poor resulting in you having to do things that get you sent to a place where slavery is technically legal according to the Bill of Rights? Go figure

  18. Some people have different opinions. Different opinions can be alright.

  19. Can someone go back in time and give the Native Americans AK-47s?

  20. Heard about this dude before, he did some other whack ass stuff too

  21. Haha, I learned about this dumbass on a podcast

  22. As we all know, liquids or semi-liquids just give up if they can’t find a way out

  23. Unironically shoving a bunch of men in a tight space together on their way to an LGBTQ+ event

  24. Double tap. Make sure your target is dead!

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