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Ravish Kumar resigns from NDTV

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  1. Oh neat, how's life been in the twilight zone?

  2. as a Muslim I can vouch that he was nothing sort of a great journalist…he was opportunistic man who took every opportunity to raise TRP and earn money by milking Hindu Muslim issues

  3. As a human living in reality I can vouch you surely are having a swell time living in the twilight zone.

  4. They're likely getting money from Russia lmao. Good for them, idt anyone takes them seriously anyway so this is just free money for them

  5. Hahaha have you seen the situation of media companies like RT in USA. USA is even worse than India

  6. Comparing situation of RT in US would be more apt if you compare some Pakistani network's situation in India.

  7. I didn't see this when I thought Adani won't exert influence on NDTV. Welp, will see him later in his future endeavors no matter where it is.

  8. Bro it's so much more convenient, and has such a little learning curve. It's not even comparable.

  9. This might sound weird, but I don't think Adani will influence the channel much, behind the hub hub is him wanting to be one of the richest people in the planet with a global media house he owns (much like how Bezos doesn't interfere much with Washington Post). Still think there will be a degree of suppression on news against him and his cohorts still though.

  10. It's okay we'll match their numbers of ghost towns soon considering how everyone is into buying property here now.

  11. Travelled in AC 3 tier yesterday, they did provide them

  12. I think in a mix of all languages i know even a bit about. Don't ask me how it works, I have no idea

  13. If some part of their culture is patriarchal, maybe that part should die after all. We do kill our cancer cells with chemotherapy, don't we?

  14. I mean you have Nadia Van Dyne but thats kind of a stretch

  15. Nadia didn't exist at the time this magazine was published. And Hank doesn't even know Nadia exists, Hank has been "dead" (thanks MCU synergy) since Rage of Ultron.

  16. Yeah i kinda hate ultron-pym, i wouldve loved joaquin as hank tho

  17. Yeah he could pull off a great Hank. I do love Michael Douglas though, he can portray the edge of Hank pretty well too.

  18. Maithli is such beautiful language and it doesn't get recognition due to that bull crap bhojpuri movie industry, which just churn out softcore b grade stuff

  19. Magahi on the side waiting for people to remember it exists. >.>

  20. This is what happens when a people stop holding their systems accountable. It'll only get worse

  21. I never get replies from them when I mentioned if they want to reassess reservations and quotas we need caste based census. How do you even conclude reservations are no longer needed or are not effective if you cannot even measure that? We need a proper country wide caste based census

  22. ST- 7.5 SC-15 OBC-27 EWS-10 PH- 5 Total- 64.5% reservation. Remaining 35.5% for the remaining 60% of the population. Move out of this country if u get an opportunity or have the resources to get out

  23. Unless you do a caste based census, which the current regime won't, you'd not know the real percentages. Nor will you know which communities need affirmative action more than others. A caste based census is clearly needed, also to assess the impact of reservation. Without proper data we're all just strawmanning on all sides.

  24. Pym has imposter syndrome and just before civil war made comments about how much smarter peter is than him (designing spider trackers as a teen compared to hank’s helm)

  25. If it's just before civil war, was it Hank making those comments or was it criti noll?

  26. At that point, we believe it to be Hank. We later find out it was probably a Skrull (retconned).

  27. At the end of the day it was revealed it was not Hank, so even if retconned, not Hank.

  28. Of course it does. What explains the rest? What explains the lack of discussion rest of the year?

  29. Carelessness of the system and us failing to hold it accountable, or rather the public being uncaring to hold it accountable.

  30. I don't know that but you should probably break up

  31. Keeping the spirit alive to the last breath!

  32. Modafinil just keeps you awake. Doesn't increase your cognitive abilities.

  33. It does make you hyperfocus though, atleast in my experience.

  34. My friend code is WMFWZKHCSPWU. I'll send you murkrow first trade then we can trade both the mythicals back and forth. Ping me after the friend request

  35. Might be unpopular but Ultimate. One of the few things the show got right

  36. Uh sorry to tell you but Vritramon is not a Greymon species digimon

  37. Never could believe in the concept of god, always find it weird that people believe in stuff like that.

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