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  3. i think i remember this guy!

  4. in one of the other grad firing videos, he was wearing a helmet in that with military uniform

  5. Odd thing that they didn't include the PZH2000, in the list, considering that a few hours later the Ukranian MOD announced their arrival, perhaps they didn't want this news reach the wider german public for some internal politics reason?

  6. Ok then, my theory was that they didnt want for non military enthusiasts to know the dettails of this delivery in particular, which is something similar to what the Italian governament did with the FH70 deliveries.

  7. More like "Labrador mom corrects behavior of puppies. Super Cute. (Must Watch)".

  8. With the whole Snake Island thing I am wondering. The island is rather small with no cover. Why would Ukraine not just bombard it with artillery?

  9. Seems like new announcements of weapons reaching Ukraine are picking up since last week's meeting of the Ukraine Contact Group. Including:

  10. Do you have a source or link on that claim? Would be very interested

  11. Literally everyone is acting as if the NYT pulled this map out of their ass.

  12. Yup. That s why they have a towing hook built on it.

  13. Was talking about Oleksandrivka with postal code 84000. And if you'd take five seconds to look at a map you'd realize that your statement about a T-64 being able to drive that far is utter nonsense.

  14. It's the one next to Donetsk. End if you look at e.g. @JominiW map from two days ago, it's right on the FLOT

  15. I would bet that now DARPA started a "helicopter rocket artillery" research project with proper fire control systems.

  16. I hope you know that the Russians are also not doing it into the blue. They have sophisticated fire control systems for that kind of attack.

  17. In the video we can clearly hear the shot before the sound of the shell and impact. Doesn't that mean it's really close?

  18. Sorry I cannot hear you over the sound of this T-72 over there blowing up

  19. Das ist quasi dasselbe Argument wie "Naja wenn wir ihnen das Sudetenland geben wird es zumindest keinen Krieg geben"

  20. Weird flex but I actually know where that tank is located. It's sitting in the Chernobyl exclusion zone and is one of the tanks used in the cleanup. You can see some others boneyard vehicles in the background

  21. They were using it to pull shit around. Since it can easily go through all types of terrain.

  22. I highly doubt 500,000 people are getting foreign policy views from an ice cream Twitter account, and even if they did it will have next to zero real world consequences. Most people can’t even tell you what a Ukraine is, they’re going to vote based on domestic issues like inflation or culture war bs not a few thousand troop deployment that Ben and Jerry’s mentioned once.

  23. Was sind deine Passwörter bei Airbus DS?

  24. Also für die ganze Chemtrail Sachen einfach ganz simpel 1234. Das weiss ja eh schon jeder.

  25. Ich finde es einfach nur krass, wie die Rüstungskonzerne die Politik vor sich hertreiben darf.

  26. Der Preis von 30 Mil war der für das erste Test Flugzeug das gebaut wurde. Seitdem hat sich der EF von einem Luftüberlegenheits Jäger zu einem Multi role Flugzeug entwickelt. Das hat den Preis natürlich auch getrieben.

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