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  1. The expression in the bottom right panel is a bit unclear, other than that it's pretty good.

  2. Reminded of when posts were like “make gay marriage legal so johnlock can be canon” 🤪

  3. Even though gay marriage was legal in the UK a year earlier than in the US

  4. Even if the video came out that proved his innocence and was played on every news network and every social media platform for weeks. These people who already pinned him as an abuser will never be pursuaded to think differently. They are rocks without a thought on their own judgment.

  5. Well that's a good way to dehumanize people in the out group

  6. Well that's a good way to dehumanize people in the out group

  7. Yeah.... glue..... that's why it's being shown on skin colored blobs.....

  8. What's a hobby that you have? Are there any local groups around you that all do that together?

  9. I feel like this person has been got by the official favorite Australian passtime: lying about Australia.

  10. Nah. Warlocks make pacts with demons, wizards have natural born abilities that they study, witches practice witchcraft.

  11. Can we all appreciate the fact OP drew each individual bee on the overalls for each panel!? She could’ve just copy pasted one bee and rotate/flip them to look unique, but she went the extra mile!

  12. Lets face it if a fight breaks out I’m putting my money on Andrew rather than Tom 👀 jimmy choose the best option.

  13. Y'all really out here disrespecting short kings for no reason -_-

  14. Seriously, try couples counseling. This doesn't have to be the end.

  15. That’s interesting and closely related to my opinion as well! I didn’t think about the racist part and how that implies it’s unintentional. But idk, calling the wrong name shows the lack of culture Americans have, and lack of understanding or care for other cultures or languages.

  16. I understood it as a play on the saying “no way, Jose!” Pronounced; hoes-ay. And white people would probably think the name is pronounced “Joseph” when they would misread it, an example as teachers mispronouncing the name. (Just my opinion)

  17. Am I the only one who thinks there's something going on with her?

  18. You guys simply have a slight difference of opinion. She’s not hurting anybody, so leave her be. Recognize her for the good she does. And the good is plentiful

  19. "She's not hurting anybody"? She's spreading anti-trans propaganda. Maybe she's not physically laying her hands on people, but she is definitely hurting the trans community.

  20. I can't describe it, but you definitely used the word "synonymous" wrong there.

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