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  1. I'd be willing to do another edit from the show but not really looking to work with the movies.

  2. Pay per shelf with a $2.99 monthly subscription for the little light

  3. Yeah dealing with the same issue. Reality capture doesn't seem to have this feature.

  4. This raises a wider concern of mine, that once Nintendo switches off servers there is no way to update any games. It would be reassuring to see some sort of future proof plan, but with Nintendo being so protective of their IP it's unlikely they would allow any sort of 3rd party patch distribution even after the console is out of production.

  5. There was someone here just days ago who was plugging their GoFundme, trying to raise $10k for their fan edit. No one seemed to bat an eye, either.

  6. This sub is pro piracy, the mods don't just turn a blind eye they don't even have eyes.

  7. in a way you proved that you were unable to read english

  8. Onward has the most disappointing and lazy world building I have ever seen in a big animated movie.

  9. No, I just like to visit my 600 inhabitant birthplace in bumfuck-nowhere (Germany) every now and then and visit the old neighbours, you get asked to help carry up some cases of beer or whine and then you ask, "hey, whats that giant vault, are you storing ww2-gold or something ?" " nope thats just my nuclear bunker" you shrug and the conversation moves on.

  10. Wait, they're not using their nuclear bunker? Isn't that a waste of real estate!

  11. It is, but people drinking soy milk don't need to Google it, so this is probably relative to new interest in the product

  12. Oat Milk seems to be the more sustainable options, with water use way down.

  13. OP you can't just add TL;DR at the end of your post. There actually has to be a summary 😂

  14. I really doubt that you can achieve this sort of layers of bricks with voronoi. However you can create similar layout of bigger and smaller bricks mixed in chaotic order

  15. What about modelling the bricks by hand as 2D objects and then instance on the walls with no intersection and scale linked to Z axis

  16. Do you feel like you learnt much during the process or were you already adept at modelling

  17. You seem to have a lot of good answers from other folks. I would suggest watching Josh Gambrell's channel which is full of great hard-surface tips and tutorials on tricky modeling situations.

  18. I might start with two curves, bevel one around the other. Convert to mesh. Fill in the hole. Plonk a tapering cylinder on top. Join it all together and add a subsurf with a couple of loopcuts at the ends of the cylinder. Then just array, and you're

  19. Thanks, hadn't thought about using curves, will need to learn that as it seems easier than box modeling

  20. Yeah the lighting is still temporary i have to find the right hdri (also there is no atmospheric fog and color grading there, it's just viewport render) :')

  21. Someone was kindly contributing effort towards detangling this rats nest of problems, to move towards a legal license. That effort was stopped dead in its tracks.

  22. It says you can clone and use it. If he takes action you simply present the screenshot in court explaining you were permitted to use the software. Licenses are not required for his code as he has made a written statement that use is permitted. Now if you use it in a way he didn't expect, that's his problem because his license was so poorly written.

  23. No, the author wrote that people can use his software. In court that would used to show he consented to its use. A license just outline's the specific terms of use. If the author doesn't do that then it's not the end users problem. Not sure what all the nonsense is about in this thread.

  24. What they do when it’s the “new” copy and only copy they had but had to have it on shelf for display.

  25. Personally I'll buy a used car with that money and just live with a measly 100fps and ray tracing disabled.

  26. Thanks. I had sponsor block version and for whatever reason it's not accepted

  27. Maybe the package name of the sponsorblock version is different to "org.schabi.newpipe". You can change the package name in ReVanced settings so it will fit the sponsorblock version of NewPipe

  28. This release does not contain a CD soundtrack in North America but a digital download soundtrack. Europe will have a cd soundtrack.

  29. In the US people don't turn off their high beams regardless of distance.

  30. We call them twilight lights where I'm from, because that's when you turn them on. Those low beams don't light up anything at twilight.

  31. Well, now NSFW people have an earlier version of their model to use, and they get a news blitzkrieg out of it. 1.5 is the transition to commercial use. We still have 1.4, and 1.4 is still subject to a licensing agreement that should prevent the harms they’re concerned about anyway.

  32. If you downloaded the model without accepting the licence I doubt you can be bound to it's terms, especially if you're not selling artwork for profit.

  33. Stability AI still owns the copyright no matter how you get the model.

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