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[Charania] NBA legend Bill Russell has passed away peacefully at the age of 88. RIP.

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  1. And Bertans isn’t number 1 let alone top 5?

  2. Yeah I’d swap out Gobert and put in Bertans

  3. Nets fans are resigning themselves to getting JB

  4. I’d be sick if we trade him man

  5. "The Washington Wizards got Q (Quenton Jackson)….need to develop him correctly because there’s lots of potential here"

  6. Hoping he gets our last two way, we’ve been missing a really athletic guy on our roster. Also seemed to play pretty good defensively in summer league

  7. This isn’t really Wizards related but seeing all these things about Dejounte Murray the past week I’m kind of glad he’s not on our team he seems pretty immature for his age. Don’t get me wrong I still think he’s very talented and would’ve filled our needs at PG position

  8. Pop must’ve been holding him in check all these years cause as soon as he got traded, he’s been acting up all summer. Must’ve been jealousy that caused the “beef” too since Seattle sees Paolo as their new “#1” guy

  9. Yeah there’s a difference between dawg mentality and just being an asshole… disrespecting guy who’s probably just playing in the Pro Am for fun, that’s lame. This isn’t And-1 basketball where the point is disrespecting guys lmao

  10. Yam and Deni putting on passing clinics

  11. DENI breakout season incoming

  12. Yam Madar playing rn with Deni Avdija against Auburn on SEC channel

  13. Facts, honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see him on the roster next season

  14. Ish passing skills are still great, even though he took a little too many shots at times. He was a victim of Scott Brooks 3 PG lineups too

  15. Kuz starts talking about the Wizards at 46:54 but it was a really good listen overall. Also Draymond mentions a possible Kuz podcast in the future 👀

  16. I was hoping Avalanche would do an Iron Man game as I really liked the jetpack wingsuit gameplay in Just Cause 3 plus all the destructible environments

  17. Well this game made things a bit better at least, still sad though

  18. Can’t wait to trade Elijah Green in 4-5 years after he wins the Home Run Derby

  19. 3 games into summer league. The fact that they didn’t address the leap that he made from year 1 to year 2 in college is disturbing. The fact that they didn’t discuss that outside of Johnny Davis that Wisconsin team wasn’t even an NIT caliber team is disgusting.

  20. Yup, he was a 3 star recruit that went lottery, that’s gotta be worth some benefit of the doubt. Sure he had a disappointing summer league but that shouldn’t be a strong indicator for how he’ll turn out.

  21. NBA equivalent of this be the Mavs trading Luka to the Celtics while they keep Brown and Tatum but give up decent lotto picks… at least Commanders re-signed Terry

  22. First the Jazz, then Cavs, now the Warriors? Wtf is every team gonna have a training/practice jersey now

  23. This is not what I wanted to wake up to, WTF. Fuck everyone in the front office, I’m done

  24. Also, Wizards Social Media team, do better lol

  25. They legit could’ve just used Beal’s dunk on Gobert too lol

  26. X-Factor is if Beal’s 3pt shot can come back

  27. Lmao at least the Wizards are interested in everyone.. but if this actually happened I wouldn’t be mad at it. My main concern with Sexton is his playmaking though

  28. Isn’t it the same way in the comics though? Characters just go in and out of the Avengers, that’s just how it is

  29. Gaff also came to another summer league game in a Vegeta jersey

  30. The greatest champion of all time and a true legend, RIP

  31. What’s funny is that a straight up trade for each other would benefit both their teams. Wizards get a playmaking POA Defender at the 1 position and the Pistons get a wing that can be a connector between their starters.

  32. Seems perfect to me, Killian isn’t ready to start until his shot comes around. He would be great for your bench and could help Davis get started

  33. I like Killian but I’d still prefer Deni. His defense is probably the gonna help us out a lot this season, and will probably be our best wing defender. Also, we have Monte Morris starting at the 1 so it’d be hard for him to find minutes

  34. I’m sure New York is laughing. What could we possibly give up in assets that is worth Mitchell? It’s like the Durant thing, we can want him all day but we ain’t got the assets to move for him.

  35. I keep wondering why we didn’t just go after Murray. The way it’s looking, Mitchell is gonna cost double the picks the Hawks gave up plus more young guys. And Murray would be a much better fit next to Beal while being “on-ball” more than if he was playing next to Trae. I still like Mitchell but I don’t want to get fleeced and have our defense take another hit

  36. Murray was too expensive based on what Tommy values (being able to retain future draft picks and continue developing the young guys). I don't think he had 3 FRP + 1 swap available anyway because of the Knicks protections, so Hawks won the bidding war. Spurs waived Gallinari so it's clear they didn't want players back in that trade, thus we had nothing to offer. They're tanking for Wemby.

  37. That’s fair, so it just wouldn’t make sense for us to trade for Mitchell following that same logic. Either because Ainge’s asking price would be too much or we’d be giving up too much

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