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[OC] US Covid patients in hospital

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  1. Would be really interesting to see the Covid deaths layered over top of it.

  2. Same question as op but I also just got a quest. I have a MacBook Pro but I also use windows on it with boot camp. Do you think it would be powerful enough to run Skyrim VR?

  3. NTA. It was an off leash dog park where gasp dogs are off their leashes!!

  4. Thanks for the validation, I should say it’s a private dog run in our building where you can bring drinks to if you want, she was also there with her dog, so she had every right to be there and enjoy a drink, but I was really surprised that she was that upset and cussed me out when my dog licked her drink. I was watching my dog the whole time and wasn’t far from her, but she licked it so fast I couldn’t do anything to stop it.

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