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  1. Compression socks helped me with this. Luckily it seemed to reduce somewhat in the second tri!

  2. Some meds cause this, check if you are on any that could be causing this (look for restlessness or RLS specifically). It might be a pregnancy thing though as well or a sign of low iron.

  3. I've been on Sertraline (Zoloft) for many years, but it's never caused that. I had RLS with my last pregnancies, too. I will get my iron checked, though. Thanks!

  4. My OB told me since I was vaping with high Mg juice I should wean off over the first 2 months and then quit, but I’d also had 2 previous miscarriages and the only common factor was that I quit vaping cold turkey and 2/3 weeks later would miscarry. First miscarriage was at 8 weeks, second was at 11. But that was a specific situation and the advice was given based off of personal history so I definitely feel like that is a thing to go over with your specific doctor

  5. I'm glad this was brought up. I've been too ashamed to post. I am currently 7 weeks pregnant and still vape. I tried quitting cold turkey, but just can't do it. I'm on 2.4% nicotine, which is the lowest Vuse goes. I feel so terrible about possibly harming the fetus, and DO plan to stop soon. I don't have any history of miscarriages, but am afraid that I am doing permanent harm to the fetus. Just need good advice right now. I do see by OB on Monday for the first time and do plan to bring it up then, but I I said...ashamed. I really thought it would be easier to stop.

  6. Obligatory NAD but I read a few articles as I was having such a hard time quitting actual smoking during pregnancy that if you can stop by 20 weeks there is no significant evidence of harm to the fetus vs someone who doesn’t smoke. My little girl is a week old, no health concerns and thriving. Hang in there mama you got this and the fact that you feel this way shows that you care about your LO. Quitting is so hard but you can absolutely do it. Sending all the love and positive vibes ♥️

  7. I tried to order (not though aeroflow) but my insurance said they don’t provide them until after the baby is born 🤬

  8. Lol yes I called my insurance company years ago during my first pregnancy to check and I didn’t get any discount or free pump.

  9. Nowhere does it say that ALL insurances qualify. Hence, the "Eligibility" link.

  10. How convenient that you were already in the care of your OB! I went into labor with my son on his exact due date.

  11. I'd honestly be more embarrassed about farting lol, but there is so much pressure on your booty hole down there, that I don't remember even having the feeling of having to fart. Mine was a no medicine birth, so I would have known!

  12. I've had two vaginal deliveries, and I have no idea if I pooped. The professionals delivering don't usually announce it.

  13. That is completely your decision, and proud of you for standing up for yourself. Just start telling people to f*ck off lol

  14. My husband and I recently started trying to conceive. I have been using the Clear Blue Digital ovulation tests, and got a flashing smiley face, indicating that ovulation will be soon. Before we started TTC, I would use my cervical mucous to tell when I would be ovulating. It usually is the average...clear and stretchy. However, since I've gotten the smiley face on the ovulation test, my mucous is only watery. Will this impact fertility at all? I'm wondering if it might be because I've taking antibiotics for a uti?

  15. Watery is just as fertile as egg white.

  16. Hi all! I just want to introduce myself! I've lurked for a long time, but am officially TTC with my husband and so excited to be a part of this community! I'm 33F and he is 35M. We have been together for 6 1/2 years now, and married for one. I have two biological children and he has one.

  17. Nope, ejaculation is like a 20+ MPH event and the sperm make it through the cervix almost immediately. Everything that runs out is just fluids and dead/poorly moving sperm. Pee away!

  18. Manis and pedis. My husband loves going with me to get them.

  19. I went straight from the mailbox to the trashcan with mine.

  20. Visiting my parents for the weekend who keep their house at “Dante’s Inferno” level of heat and my face is losing it. Safe to say I now know indoor heating is a trigger. Any tips when dealing with dry indoor heating?

  21. Highly suggest signing up for Prepagent. The tests on there were exactly how they were on the exam. I passed the first time (in Colorado).

  22. I'm originally from AL (Colorado now) and this is very interesting. Thanks!

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