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  1. Maybe. Not yes. Not no. Maybe. You know, maybe?

  2. You know? Do you know? I know, but I don’t know if you know. Y’Know?

  3. The last few League of Extraordinary Gentlemen books are beyond terrible. Angry, mean-spirited and cynical in ways that were honestly shocking.

  4. For someone who has spent his career having his creations misappropriated, it was pretty shocking to see Moore have Sherlock Holmes (a character he didn’t create) claim that he has been bad for the world.

  5. So you think a therapist just magically showed up to help you with your problems?

  6. Not exactly. No one uses [sic] to note a misspelling in the original. Not sure what the note is, but it's clearly a copy that has been critiqued or quoted.

  7. Though they missed the incorrect spelling of "Catechism"

  8. My bet is on any one of the other Sinisters running around.

  9. That’s horrifically tragic, Rest In Peace.




  13. Kevin Westerbeck. He grows bigger when he gets a mushroom.

  14. I would look him right in his eyes, stare into his soul, make him know I know him… and say…. Ewps

  15. I’d be too scared he’d beat me up with a bat.

  16. Something about her strikes me… she looks familiar!

  17. Pick a pair you want me to have and wear them for two or three days staight

  18. Busy week so won’t be able to go snag this from my store until the weekend but based on the preview I’m excited! Will update after reading. Curious what variants everyone is going for with this issue?

  19. I'm a huge Phil Noto fan, so I'm sticking with the regular cover!

  20. Any first appearances in this one?

  21. Two of my favorite characters and I never pictured them together. How sweet it was!

  22. They go head-to-head in Charles Soule's "She-Hulk" run!

  23. Is that the one where she defended Captain America? If so, that was a good run

  24. Sure is! Hard to believe it took that long to get Matt and Jen in a courtroom together.

  25. How about Artie blackout drunk in Vegas yelling out in a Edward G Robinson voice 'BRING ME MY RETARD'over and over again

  26. Telling jokes in front of a picture of Mike Lindell, a man whose election conspiracy was so crazy that Trump kicked him out of the White House. I guess a top-notch Pesci impression will only get you so far in this world.

  27. She literally disappeared for a good chunk of the series. Her relationship with Dick wasn't even really Explored beyond her quickly telling her backstory.

  28. Out of 22 issues, she's been in 14 of them. Her longest absence from the series was #84-87, which was the "Fear State" crossover (thanks, Big Two comics!) and that masterful single-image issue.

  29. It is probably going to be Tom Taylor, but i hope not.

  30. Griffin correctly guessing the name of Meet Dave’s composer is an all time flex for him.

  31. “And for a bonus ten years in prison…”

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