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  1. There's some drops that help most ent don't recommend removing ear wax manually

  2. There is an indian street food stall in krama i think

  3. not to mention world trade center in dha pindi

  4. I forgot the burj khalifa branch in saddar pindi

  5. Anybody here tried applying for US visit visa, can you please share the procedure and any tips. Thank you

  6. Would you buy the DJI osmo pocket 2 or the go pro

  7. What do you intend to use the camera for?

  8. Not an indian but i am currently living in a bed space. We are all ladies, rented a 2br townhouse. We’ve been together for almost 7 yes now.

  9. Cool story. What do you think anyone here could possibly do about this?

  10. Maybe somebody has experienced thesame and willing to share how he or she has resolved it.

  11. Are you on Android running the beta? There was an update that seems to have fixed the crashing.

  12. I’m using iphone xs. IG is updated on my phone.

  13. I can stay in bed all day, i hope i am qualified

  14. I’m setting up an alarm so i won’t be able to forget about it..

  15. We do this in school when i was a kid.. i think it is good so kids can be disciplined.. japan do this.

  16. Did you convert before meeting this person? I’m a convert and I’m married to a Palestinian and honestly if you’re converting for the marriage then I dont think it’s a good idea, especially if you will be moving away from your home and family/friends

  17. Follow up question. When people say after their miscarriage, does that mean when bleeding has completely stopped, or just when the clotty cramping heavy days have passed?

  18. Thank you! I’m still in the bleeding phase so hoping that stops soon. It’s so cruel that not only do we have the psychological pain, but we also have to be swimming in blood 😣

  19. Yes, i was one time mistaken to be a sales lady.😂

  20. I just signed up.. i’m going to have my first session with them this tuesday.

  21. Will it matter? I saw they were deducting more. It was like they were trying to hook me up.

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