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  1. Parce que je fais une remarque d'un fait historique, tu me traites de nazi ?

  2. L’utilisation de la rome classique comme “model” ideal à suivre c’est le coeur de l’idéologie fasciste. Les nazi l’on fait, Mussolini en italie pareille.

  3. Tu pouvais fourrer une mere et sa fille et un canard pour genre 3$ a Berlin quand le monde ont décidé qu'ils en avaient plein le cul. Tu penseras à ca.

  4. Oh boy, un autre bachelier en histoire ici les amis

  5. I think the great reset is the cyclical apocalypse and the elite know it’s coming but won’t tell us. Just like they told us in the movie “don’t look up”.

  6. People like you have believed the end of the world is near for thousands of years.

  7. The same guy that said he was "looking forward to transitioning to a 2nd Trump administration"... AFTER BIDEN HAD WON THE ELECTION, but before Jan 6!

  8. Lots of people have a theologically “pagan” way of understanding Christianity and pagan ideology is that of guilt.

  9. Si tu pose la question, c'est soit que tu ne vois aucun problème à l'image du post, en quel cas rien de ce que je pourrais dire ne pourra faire évoluer ton point de vue ou soit que tu veux juste me faire perdre mon temps à expliquer pour ensuite déchirer ta blouse en criant à la "phobie".

  10. Ah non! Pas un livre pour enfants! Au secours!!!!!!

  11. OK, genuinely curious where your idea of "sacrifice" being the original sin that Jesus is saving us from, originates. What theologian / denomination says this? How does this theological idea mesh with the idea of Agape, self sacrificial love? Please explain more.

  12. René Girard’s writings (violence and the sacred) simply shows how the sacred originates in human culture : everywhere in the world the same historical process occurs : Gods (pagan gods) all appear simultaneously with the idea of sacrifice.

  13. Thank you for explaining what you meant. This explanation, profoundly, fits like a missing puzzle piece. I have ordered Violence and the Sacred and I am about to go begin reading some Girard online. (I am currently crafting a six week sermon series for Lent about dismantling white supremacy and this may very well inform that endeavor.) Peace.

  14. Glad to hear it. Girard’s thesis will be incredibly pertinent to dismantle “christian” white supremacy from the inside.

  15. Well I’m a man with no trauma and regular cannabis use.

  16. Well I'm a girl in my early 20s looking for hot single guys near me.

  17. Hot single traumatized guys? Or Hot single baked guys?

  18. This is one of the stranger things I’ve seen on the internet

  19. Pretty much. It’s about recognizing that God’s law was designed to help us achieve true, deep happiness (& union with God). So while His rules might not make sense or be fun, you choose to follow them as much as you can because you love Him.

  20. Why do you portret Schopenhauer's philosophy so nihilistically?

  21. And for any material you find, bar that person from public office.

  22. Kind of radical. And if this is a systemic as it seems… you don’t want to overthrow your whole government : especially since most people would actually collaborate, return the documents, follow a class on how to handle documents properly and go back to work.

  23. Tu fait quoi si c'est pas indiscret? 18 000$ c'est genre 10$ de l'heure

  24. Well yeah the internet can say whatever it wants I'd like to listen myself before judge.

  25. Sure… but there’s like a million people more interesting and more intelligent from whom you can actually learn cool stuff, but sure go ahead and juge by yourself.

  26. Maybe don’t listen to a loser misogynistic fraud?

  27. Est-ce que pour toi c’est être libre de ne pas avoir accès à un docteur?

  28. Antero Alli's book Angel Tech is one of the best books I have read from that scene. Really well written and lots of useful practical wisdom.

  29. All i can say is islam is a pagan regression from Christianity.

  30. I respect that you don’t want to say what you did. If you don’t mind how did it mess you up?

  31. Quand on me demande dans quel arbre magique pousse l’argent dont on aurait besoin pour tout les programmes sociaux nécessaires : je pointe la nuque des ultra riches .

  32. Nah Christianity is a radical break from paganism: the philosophical gap that jewish writings “ open up “ is where Christianity is founded and as such differentiates itself from its roots.

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