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petting sharks

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

The birth of a baby cobra

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  1. "Has anyone else's child got some horrible disease because they don't [thing that prevents horrible diseases]?"

  2. Because suicide can be an unreasonably extreme response to a health condition (mental health). If you had a different health condition like cancer, the treatment plan wouldn't be "well, I guess you should die, that will stop the cancer!" Instead, you would treat the ailment with the hope that the person can have the best healthy life possible.

  3. The original video is a marine biologist who knew the dangers of what she was doing

  4. The whole convo seems really stupid but the line in question (and in the title) is very correct. Reminder that the north, the side fighting for abolition of slavery, was mostly white soldiers (both sides were). It wasn't a race war, and saying that it was is a disservice to everyone.

  5. Both are true to a point. They will almost definitely ask about it. If you don't have a strong answer, it will hurt you (probably). If you're prepared with a strong answer, it will work in your favor (probably).

  6. Yeah, she was actually really cool about it. She accepted that different crowds had different needs and that I was handling mine appropriately.

  7. Your boss is human, what a world

  8. As a white woman I'd take degenerate over literal nazi 100% of the time.

  9. I notice that in the Nazi "part of a community" panel, none of the women are speaking.

  10. How on Earth can someone be this stupid wtf.

  11. I do! I was a supervisor at a Sbux in Las Vegas, was close to promoting to Assistant Store Manager before I quit. Still know some other supervisors.

  12. I would argue he wasn’t fully aware. And got knows he won’t be fully himself ever again. I was rooting for the shark here!

  13. I'm always rooting for the sharks 🙃

  14. Agree with the stupidity of handling unknown stuff bare handed, but doesnt it say 'animals' in the description? Edit: Autocorrect wont let me speak foreign languages...

  15. Checked in, we're going to allow plants! I'll be changing the rules to include them later today.

  16. Honestly, should allow for anything really. Even radioactive rocks/materials mishandled or something. Could be really good to get activity to this sub, as well as education on all manner of hazardous creatures/materials.

  17. Dont wanna go crazy, but we'll probably be allowing more things, yeah.

  18. Gonna give this a pass 'cus mom is probably nearby, and she's definitely deadly enough.

  19. This is my favorite post on this sub so far and it's not even close lmfao.

  20. Getting the kid a Fire HD 8 in, the big one got it from last year’s prime day and the little one now wants one too.

  21. For me the Amex 50% is applying after the prime, not before. So to use your numbers, prime day takes it down to 70, amex takes it down to 35. Unless there's a work-around?

  22. No, mine is applying to the before number for sure. I thought that’s the case for everyone so people are getting things for free

  23. If this was indoors I'd assume that the person owned the snake and would take it down for intentional handling - it being outside makes me think it's wild and that this person is actually just this dumb/lucky to be alive o.o

  24. The person did this intentionally. They’re a well known hot handler

  25. Education on internal anatomy is mostly irrelevant to political discourse on topics like abortion.

  26. Post removed due to Rule 2: The person holding the dangerous animal must be doing so unknowingly.

  27. Sorry, I'm very new to the sub.

  28. Sub is relatively young, no worries. I wanna update some of the mod tools and things to streamline some things. Basically every post I've taken down ever has been because of Rule 2, so I wanna make that rule much more obvious for new-comers. Hope you are enjoying the sub :)

  29. Post removed due to Rule 2: The person holding the dangerous animal must be doing so unknowingly.

  30. Aye L2K to match the L2K FP

  31. Post removed due to Rule 2: The person holding the dangerous animal must be doing so unknowingly.

  32. I didnt do anything tbh, it was night and what you can see is my room light, which is a bit yellow. I should've turned on flash

  33. I think they meant that the caterpillar coming out of its old skin just looks like someone trying to edit/alter the video - it does create a mildly confusing visual effect! Not sure they actually meant to comment on your edits to the vid, if you made any.

  34. Post removed due to Rule 2: The person holding the dangerous animal must be doing so unknowingly.

  35. Def should add a flair for people handling things knowingly.

  36. Those ones I plan on removing completely. I don’t want to encourage hot handling and they don’t fit the “oops” part of the sub. Are there any up that are like this? I may have missed some

  37. I took the one with Oracle the Cobra down. Well known hot keeper online.

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