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  1. Tim Curry. Doesn’t matter how obscure the movie is, he always puts out 110% and always seems to be having fun.

  2. The hair doesn't cover their lips so I can't say I've had that problem

  3. You ask them if they wanna play Mario Kart and if they do you have a new friend now

  4. A lot of old animals die in the wild because their teeth rot away and they can no longer eat. It's their natural diet but their teeth can still suffer.

  5. Cartoons are amazing, especially if you've had a bad day. It just brings joy!

  6. I only like coffee if its a Latte with sugar in it, and I suppose you're right that it's not really coffee after that. But otherwise I find it way too bitter and I have no idea how people drink black coffee or super strong Espressos. Also it just makes me really tired so I only have Tea in the morning anyway.

  7. One of my dogs wanted to play but I was busy. He was getting increasingly frustrated to the point he grabbed a tennis ball and somehow launched it in my face.

  8. Dr Pepper was and is my favourite because it's somehow coke but better

  9. “There’s something about flying a kite at night that’s so unwholesome.”

  10. My dad used to take to me to school on the back of his motorbike when I was 7.

  11. I have really heavy periods, to the point that on my heaviest day I have to wear multiple super strength pads.

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