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  1. more specifically, this coloring makes it look like Lala’s Violet Beauregard reunion look with the blue/purple contour

  2. Also - “at this side of NYC” - the moron is sitting on the staircase of their appt.

  3. Is she actually implying she's outside? It's so obvious its the staircase we've seen so many times. Omg she's nuts.

  4. Oh my! OH MY! I’ve seen her old breastfeeding photos, but these are the worst ones yet! Ewwww… number 2 looks legit like a porn image(sorry). Please please help, WTF is the stroller one? Pass the eyebleach.

  5. I think she is trying to be clever again. She does this once in awhile - she truly believes she is really funny and is poking fun at influencers and staged shoots.

  6. I literally thought this was a joke, she called herself an influencer???? She's completely off her mind.

  7. Can you imagine that home environment from morning to night? Seven children talking, crying, screaming, yelling, running, jumping, whining, dogs and cats, nannies, background noise from iPads and phones, lights flashing constantly from a camera, and no one paying any attention to anyone or anything.

  8. And mami in the corner staring at herself on her phone cam, yanking her shirt down until she's achieved the right amount of cleavage. Then picking a child out of the hoarde to post with.

  9. Boots on Marilu are far too big.... she wasn't walking in those.

  10. Agreed, my grandson wasn't able to walk in his until he grew into them. He kept trying them on and toppling over. She's full of it as usual

  11. I had to read the comments to figure out what she was trying to convey. Bless ya'll hearts because without it I'd have no damn clue.

  12. I got seriously scolded on here when I posted about Alex’s shooting…was told that this sub wasn’t about Alex. I felt awful and deleted my comment. The following week was all about Alex! Sooo y’all do y’all…ain’t gonna please everyone!

  13. People often think that coke pinpoints your pupils so I'm glad to see this info put out there.

  14. Why would u be happy to lay on ur belly if ur huge boobs feel “excruciating!?” Her boobs will def hit whatever she’s laying on before her stomach.

  15. If I was in excruciating pain, the last thing I'd be doing is posting that I'm in excruciating pain.

  16. My problem is that I have a hard enough time remembering their Hillary-given names, so the nicknames throw me off completely. I think I need a set of trading cards or something so I can keep them straight. And it's very important to know the (sometimes multiple) middle names as well.

  17. When I first came to this sub I had a hell of a time trying to figure which kid was being discussed at any given time and often just when I thought I got it, I'd learn I was mistaken by the very next comment. 🤪

  18. When I came to this sub I had a hell of a time telling all the spawns apart as they all looked the same.

  19. Remember when she had her kids purposely photobomb a wedding in Central Park? She put them up to it, and filmed it for IG content. The bride and groom were standing at the alter and jealous Hilary used her kids to ruin it. How dare that woman want her wedding to be about her and not Alec Baldwin's wife? The nerve of that bride and groom! She sure showed those bitchachos!!

  20. What happened to the furniture? It perfect condition because they never used it. She doesn't care about interior decorating and Alec not goin to put out a few thousand dollars for nothing

  21. Someone pointed out it was stashed in another room, looks like they are repainting. I'm wondering if the purpose is for putting the apt on the market.

  22. The new jaw only looks good from this angle. I don’t think she has extreme cheek hollows like that IRL. I need another pap pic because I had convinced myself she didn’t do anything new to her eyes but this is making me question. I believe she had a nose job and chin wing implants. Need more pictures to figure out the eyes. Is it me or is she trying to photoshop herself into Angelina Jolie? Huge eyes with no excess skin, extreme cheekbones and now a slightly curved chin? Where she had a receding underbite before? This is shocking to look at after seeing that picture of her as a teenager.

  23. Is that the trailer trash face lift for us poors who can't afford real plastic surgery? ✄

  24. I'm wondering if she's trying it out to see how it would look to get it done.

  25. Either that or putting the Hamptons furniture in the apartment? Or they are selling it all and moving to Vermont? The apartment got cleared out and within days the house went on the market.

  26. I think the room has been cleared for a bit.

  27. Yes, the room got cleared out before Larry Jr. Wasn't sure if they were remodeling at the time but when I saw the house on the market shortly after I thought perhaps they are going to move some of the Hamptons furniture into the Devonshire?

  28. My friend's mom uses it, I've done many a hairline check for her over the years. Amazing stuff, it really pulls the skin taut.

  29. Looks like she might be using lift tape, can see it peeking through her hair line at her temple. You can see it more so with the closeup posted just after this

  30. Yes. On their health? website, Kathryn Hayward talks. She’s from western Massachusetts and has that flat a sound when she speaks. Also one interview, you can see her pause before saying her daughters name-Hilary. Hilaria. Even her own mom calls her Hilary.

  31. Yes!! She pauses then very awkwardly says Hilaria and its so obvious it doesn't roll of her tongue like something she's used to saying.

  32. I've read somewhere that Lorne Michaels is retiring after the season. I wonder if that will make a difference or if Alex is still strong ties to remaining staff and cast mates.

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