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  1. The real answer is that "anyone with more than 2 brain cells" represented by the vehicle would end up avoiding the topic and come back toward us into the foreground, which isn't labeled.

  2. "Hey there...bilmy boy...flying through the sky so fancy fr-r-ee-ee (sobs)"

  3. 2 more seasons and I can fit it in the fridge!

  4. Yeah, had to do some research after not being able to equip it

  5. Yeah, and thanks for posting this too. I was wondering about this all morning xD

  6. Oh gosh, this is really beyond disappointing. There really is a huge correlation between domestic abuse and people who end up becoming mass shooters :/

  7. I was thinking more along the lines that offshore wind turbines were somehow able to hit the whales and kill them.

  8. The way I'm imagining it now is something along the lines of what may become an upcoming movie: "Whalenado"

  9. ... I want you to play...with some kind of thing..

  10. Nice! I remember imagining inventing a mobile game rpg that would let you gain the stamina or energy bar back by walking. I say this as someone who doesn't have any knowledge in programming nor know anyone who'd have the resources to make something like that. It was a fun thought I had before Pokémon Go existed.

  11. Yeah, exact first phrase that came into my head too.

  12. That man is terrifying. He and many like him are willing to either win or destroy us all in the attempt. The amount of damage he has done already is just a beginning.

  13. Yeah, I sometimes wonder what Trump would have been like if he'd never come across Bannon, Alex Jones, or Putin. For all we know, he may still have had political views like Ross Perot.

  14. Oh wait! With miyeon having black hair for her birthday, this may be soyeon teasing that her hair color is about to change too (edit: anticipation for promotional photo phase for next comeback!)

  15. Maybe she had extra time to screw it back on just because. From there, she either made the mistake herself or wanted to mildly inconvenience the person who has to fix it with an extra step.

  16. For real Michael Savage is INSANE. Out of all the right wing nutjobs -Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Tucker Carlson etc...shit even Alex Jones! - he's legitimately the craziest. His whole radio career is basically one demented act of revenge. He used to be a San Francisco liberal, and tried to fit into the literary crowd there. He wrote love letters to Allen Ginsberg! But they didn't want anything to do with him.

  17. Gosh, that sounds like what I tend to describe the route of a tragic hero. Someone who can't take an L, so they become susceptible to a figurative mephistopheles where they trade away their supposed values for the sake of their pride.

  18. Chili! Red Hot California style Chili!

  19. And then they come up with more dates, and further dates. Then these dates pass. Because it’s all a bunch of fear based crap.

  20. I'm wondering if anyone here has been keeping track of their Q's dates. Whenever they say, "you'll see," show them that you jot down their date on a calendar each time. After awhile, they should accumulate and I'm wondering if it'd ever get to a point where so many false predictions would make them realize that something is amiss.

  21. it's like a demi-lich, you only think he's dead but goddamned if he doesn't rally and come back again and again.

  22. Sounds like herpes too...interesting how he can kind of visually pass as both a lich and herpetic infection.

  23. Nah, I think they're framing it that MTG is betraying their brand of crazy, so she betrayed them by trying to be normal (aka grifting them because she joined the deep state or whatever).

  24. I heard that the right wing media proclaimed victory after the previous announcement that they're not using the "spokes candies" anymore (due to them not being able to recognize satire). I guess this should be interesting.

  25. Fun thought I just had was IF this whole Q narrative was real, how would they actually broadcast the whole coming of nesara/gesara thing? Surely, through a gaudy advertisement like this one trying to get the most attention as possible(?!)

  26. People who aren't middle class tend not to be university educated and aren't usually trained in how to verify data as reliable or unreliable (I say this as a working class kid sent to uni).

  27. As someone who once naively tried to create my own critical thinking course, I'm currently running through my mind whether or not the key to discerning fact from opinion is one's own grasp at a concept called "epistemic humility." My personal summary is essentially our ability to accept and humble ourselves to truths that we may not personally like (i.e. no matter how much I'd personally want 2+2=5, I have the ability to accept that 2+2=4 based on overwhelming evidence). To me, this ability to humble ourselves to hard truths corresponds to that valley in the Dunning Krueger graph.

  28. Sadly, this isn't something new. This, including Dunning Krueger, all basically goes back to Sophocles. I'm certain I'm butchering it here, but here goes. "The oracles declared I am the wisest amongst all the Greeks, because I alone amongst all the Greeks know that I know nothing." I was taught that by my grandfather as a boy and have made a point to teach that to my son. Ironically, my grandfather was not college educated but a career soldier, and later in life a Sheriff's Deputy and then a security guard. He was, however, well read and sceptical of everything.

  29. Yeah, I've thought about that quote and how it parallels this model as well. While I tend to summarize how a lot of arguments nowadays are between people on the two different hills of that graph, we really won't know which hill we're on unless we know what that humbling valley in the middle feels like. I feel like as a teacher, a parent, or any kind of leader, it's so important to get everyone including ourselves to a point where we can realize how little we each know.

  30. Because right wingers focus on owning the libs, they think that liberals only focus on owning the cultists.

  31. Kind of the same idea assuming that there'd be Biden flags in the same way they'd display their love for Trump.

  32. Reminds me of one of my favorite videos I've seen from Beau of the Fifth Column. It's a video ironically titled "let's talk about trump's accomplishments," which pulls the rug beneath the Trump supporters' feet by the end.

  33. Yup, that's it. I highly recommend it even if we're already fully anticipating the rug pull at the end too.

  34. Dihydrogenmonoxide is addictive, once you ingest it, you MUST ingest it again within a few hours lest you start experiencing withdrawal symptoms, if you do not ingest within 3 days you will die, also anybody who has ingested dihydrogenmonoxide has a 100% mortality rate, also dihydrogenmonoxide is used as an industrial solvent...

  35. Pure dihydrogen monoxide also has an acidity content of pH 7! That's a higher pH than any known acid!

  36. I guess they then could have made it consistent by naming her Zhou Zhang. I guess it would have at least sounded less reminiscent of "ching chong."

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