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  1. Kano’s sideboob is quite decent, but it still can’t match Hanzo’s.

  2. Yeah the Foley match (I believe at Backlash?) is said to be great by a lot of people, just feel like if you compare him to say Seth just as an example who constantly puts on good performances, idk if I could consider Orton anywhere near the GOAT status at all

  3. You have a fair point, but I don’t think the fact he doesn’t really put up excellent matches should be a massive point, because wrestling has really transitioned into entertainment over the years, and now is more targeted at a PG audience, which probably don’t care about a great wrestling match, but really those OMG moments, which Orton produced regularly so, that’s why I think he’s up there.

  4. Yeah it’s just us having different outlooks on wrestling. WWE is really the only top 10 company that focuses primarily on the entertainment side over the in ring side. I watch wrestling for the matches not comedy segments or anything like that. To me, to be one of the best wrestlers I think it would be silly if you weren’t putting out the best matches. I think I’d mainly consider in ring work, promo skills, and charisma, as the three things when looking at what makes a good wrestler personally

  5. Yeah, I’d say Orton’s style is just a slow build up to the finish, and then the surprise finish. Kinda wish he had put on some better matches but we’ll see, hopeful him and Cena can put up a good match at Mania

  6. It's been 7 hours now.... How's that haircut looking like?

  7. yeah man, I showed him the picture and now I look an incarnation of a can of ass-whoopin’. Man I wish I knew I just had to show them the picture.

  8. Well I mean, that’s nothin, if was in the octagon I probably coulda a took that with my chin held high, Chandler is lucky I tore my ACL back in ‘08

  9. I think she’s supposed to play a heel character, which she executes very well. We’re supposed to hate her, she generates excellent heel heat by killing characters (e.g. Scorpion), and not having to face major consequences, she always gets away. Her arrogant persona allows us to actually despise her, which is what they want as her sole purpose is to play a villain

  10. If I started in Helgen, probably break my legs and die trying to jump out the tower.

  11. Falkreath? Quiet? Wait till you complete Dragon Rising. Quickly goes from a nice Nordic village to How to Train Your Dragon’s very own Berk

  12. To be honest? Not overly important, yet I enjoy it - that’s all that matters to me.

  13. No it isn’t. You’ve quite frankly ruined my day by even existing. I’ve had enough of this. Go away.

  14. Why spend the time to say something like that, if you got nothing nice to say then screw off

  15. yeah cheers mate, I just got downvoted by all the skincare queens, making my day a lil better

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