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  1. I'll wait, I have nothing better to do for the next 11 years

  2. Can believe it here . She’s built like a defensive lineman

  3. It’s so cute, except the horns and nose look a little…. Sus when flipped upside down

  4. Who’s side are y’all one, blue hair taki girl or red loofa haired girl

  5. I once saw a video of a horse eating a baby chick. This is even more gross.


  7. For every baby born, one must have an abortion to offset the population increase. But you can only abort a fetus under 18 years of age, because they’re not adults yet.

  8. I havnt had a compliment in years other than the one I’ll never forget, a girl said I had nice eyes. I hold onto that one compliment and will never let it go

  9. WTF did I just watch and where is my eye bleach

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