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High-rise jeans are hideous.

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  1. This is a rhetorical question right?

  2. The holes in your curtains irritate me

  3. Idk that would have a lot of controversy

  4. Not a Brit but I am an American who enjoys a nice cup of tea

  5. I saw a Instagram prompt about your pride flag and I did the same thing 🇺🇲🦅

  6. NASCAR 14 is better than NASCAR heat 3 i think

  7. People like her are the ones making regular people crazy. I just had someone on another sub state “all republicans are racist bigots”, and that person couldn’t understand the irony of them making a bigoted statement.

  8. They call us racist yet they support abortions. (Wich was started in the 1940s to limit the population of black people)

  9. It's people like these poor excuses for human beings that continue to spread the racist agenda that has set America back to the 1940s.

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