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10/27 (Thu) 5★ Covenant Hero Hwayoung Balance Adjustment Preview

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  1. Gacha has always been optional since the whole point of the game is just being a garbage collector.

  2. I don't even have enough time to play epic 7 fully so another one? Inpossibru

  3. 日本の教育はすごく保護系に向いていると思います。特に自民党は長い間に力を持っているのでそれは学校に非常に大き影響がある。

  4. fast landy can't really get through this sort of defense before being bursted down. You need the old school PvE Landy to DPS this

  5. Burst down? Who will even attack her? You just need an Emilia or diene with her

  6. 3/4 characters can clear out her out of stealth turn 1, 2/4 can strip off buffs in mid/late game. Once Cilias ramps up and starts going ham it just needs a few good hits to disrupt; either FCC to provoke or ALencia to damage.

  7. They take off her stealth then what? Why would she gets hit or die before her turn occurs and she returns into stealth?

  8. Well depends on your orientation of best?

  9. Simple : first reduce her S3 bonus dmg when death occurs. Or more like input more increntation. It would be 15% dmg bonus per death but up to 5 death instead of 3. The final dmg wouldn't move but instead of bullshitting 15k dmg upon a single death, she would do less.

  10. Blue coli was buffed in April

  11. Bomb system to kill hwayoung or any fire chara honestly

  12. If they could take off his eff awakening bonus and put something useful on him instead that would be nice to begin with

  13. No we should encourage more nerf actually.

  14. As long as I don't know the multiplier of the new S3 I won't really debate, but ignoring def on units that simply stack HP stupidly while being low on DEF to begin with ( Aravi, Belian, Choux) will make us return to a situation pre february 2022 where those 27 k hp tank that deal 10 to 20 k are queens of PvP.

  15. ? They aren't increasing the multipliers on S3... they already basically decreased it by 20% with a 20% decrease in atk.

  16. It's written dmg increase on s3.

  17. As long as we don't know how much her S3 multiplier were increased it's intellectual masturbation.

  18. A few questions as someone who doesn't play nor follow E7

  19. Well next time to nerf Aravi, belian and choux I guess.

  20. Looks like it's made for alencia if main Stat is hp

  21. There aint even xenoblade even though furries and boobs are present there which would make it perfect

  22. Aren't we all lusting on ml Luna already? Like we know she exists but why they don't release her?

  23. AOL or ml lilias and lua since those are the few chara that can dispel immunity of ennemy team without procing a counter from belian or rem.

  24. Do you think Violet is the only character that can counter attack?

  25. I enjoyed in my case , a lot of lore explored.

  26. Is she supposed to be incredible?

  27. If you want to grind for no real purpose, yeah genshin is for you.

  28. Artery gear is kind of new, I believe it was released last year november on japan server and this year of june in global ?

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