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  1. Honest to god my first few 2 or 3 commander game gave me literal headache, like I played 60 cards a but limited to what was in standard at the time and there was so many things to learn and so many things goin on everywhere and it was fucking 1v1 commander. I'm never recommending commander to anyone as a way to introduce them to magic or really basic decks like mono green bear tribal, voltron boros, simic ramp at a really budget level

  2. Not exactly the same, but I love the campus lands from strix, letting me scry every turn when it's later in the game and I need help finding gas is great

  3. Yeah they're great at a really cheap price point but even at precon level, if you have to activate it, you're probably done for already

  4. The all new [[ghyrson starn, kelemorph]] is really good. Put a bunch of pinger and get the commander out. Give him infect to speed up the burn process or lifelink to keep you safe. Deathtouch pinger to keep creatures off the battlefield (or even just regular pinger). It's pretty oppressive from the experience i have with it because it's able to put constant pressure thanks to a usually low mana curve and even without the commander, it's still very annoying

  5. Like I just said on the original post, OP isn't French and didn't do proper research, or they are French and very far right

  6. The fuck you saying? None of these were based in any way. Either you're not French or you are French and incredibly far right

  7. I don't really care, there are some archetype I dislike but the game's the game. It's the player that I'll hate, playing something opposite of what you said you were playing, whining about getting targeted when you're the threat, not playing a wincon like you said. Overall being an ass is worth than any archetype.

  8. I get that it's a meme but let's not do the same as the US and suck ourselves off. Nothing would've been possible without De Gaulle and French resistance. The UK did help. The US didn't just came at the end and took the victory, they also took the opportunity to rape French women after Normandy amongst other things.

  9. Where did you get it that I was a fan of the ussr? I said that we shouldn't suck ourselves off. I'm French, I care about what happened to my country first. Secondly, as much as I dislike the ussr and Stalin, they were one of the main reason for why we got rid of nazis. Every single country present in ww2 has done its fair share of shit I just don't have time to make an essay in a reddit comment and the USA is the country I dislike the most

  10. It's dumb to compare like that. Anarchy is much less known by the common people and is always associated with violence and bombing whereas communism is a much more well known ideology with clear author to start reading and learning about.

  11. Yes thank you. I keep seeing this pointless war between communist and anarchist on reddit. Let's agree to overthrow capitalism first then we can discuss the details

  12. Yea , too much people are arguing on pointless theoric stuff instead of working on the revolution

  13. It's dumb and I think the completeanarchy subreddit doesn't help us in anyway

  14. What happen if you answer the Top's second ability with a removal? Do you still draw the card?

  15. Yes that's how I use it in my Jan Jansen deck, draw, sac in response, bring it back from the graveyard, repeat

  16. Proxy it or play it on cockatrice first and see. But people will hate anything nowadays, especially infect, it's something people love to hate in commander now

  17. Hullbreacher requires a wheel to be good. Oh no, an easily intractable two card combo? Like I said, clearly you can't make intelligent commentary on the topic. Have a good night.

  18. yeah and for how easy hullbreacher is to interact with, sol ring is just as much so your argument makes no sense. if you dislike sol ring so much just run izzet everytime and mulligan into mental misstep or shattering spree every game.

  19. Yeah, most people have a playable counterspell on turn 0, and swords2P and suspend can both hit Sol Ring.

  20. Yeah most people have a playable removal or counterspell to hit hullbreacher but even with interaction in the deck they're not always there when needed especially when someone is going for a combo that they probably also have ways to protect.

  21. [[nether void]] [[temporal extorsion]] [[dash hopes]] Nether void is totally in the color pie, staxing player hard is definitely back

  22. Left unity is a problem? The fuck? No anarchist I've met irl believes that, reddit really brings out the worst

  23. I don't know depends, on how many and which one I get. I know I'm gonna get the necron dynasty one but it's probably gonna get broken up after a few games for K'rrik and Jan Jansen depending on what's in it. If I get the grixis, besides maybe a few changes it's gonna stay

  24. Whener you add mana (by tapping a creature/land/artifact, activating an ability or casting a ritual) you add that mana to your mana pool. Unless specified otherwise, mana in your mana pool disappears at the end of a phase (upkeep, main, combat, etc...). Horizon stone makes it so that the mana that should disappear instead does not but at the cost of that mana becoming colorless.

  25. It seems like wizards thought about the "instant scoop" douche move.

  26. "I move to declare attackers" says the ramses player. "at the beginning of your combat step, before attackers are declared, I scoop" says the player at 5 life still trying to recover from a boardwipe.

  27. Yes but you scoop before combat to prevent the trigger.

  28. Getting down voted for understanding the post contrary to almost everyone else. Reddit is something 💀

  29. It's legal, it's strong and it's definitely fair, your opponents only have themselves to blame for not running interaction.

  30. It was a lucky guess but I’m unpacking it now and as I read through the cards and put them into sleeves I get more and more excited. can’t wait to try it out next week.

  31. Like other people said, stuff with cascade, birgi, but I would also suggest [[urabrask heretic praetor]] and also looking at everything mono red from the planar portal commander deck from adventure of the forgotten realms with Prosper tome bound as the face.

  32. When playing high cmc commander, in my opinion it needs to be a boost to your strategy, something that helps you win faster but it shouldn't be your win condition unless you have lots of protection. When you have high cmc commander you need to establish your plan and setup for when your commander comes in.

  33. Yes. No issue or headache about power level, no grudge that lasts multiple games otherwise you're sure to lose. And most importantly no issue with power level. I know I said it twice but it's sooo refreshing not having to guarantee that your cyclonic rift will never be overloaded or to have to think whether or not this play is mean or other stuff like that.

  34. -How does cEDH require more thinking in regards to deckbuilding? I'm about to finish my first one & the only thing more complex is the price tag. The fact that being efficient severely limits your card pool means less variation & options.

  35. You have the find the most efficient stuff to run. You want tutors but do you want scheming symmetry or not? Do you want grim tutor? Do you run this card or this one? Which counterspells are worth? Is it worth to have all three llanowar elf or just one? Black market connection or phyrexian arena? Grand abolished or ranger captain of eos? Which stax piece if any and how many? All those little choices that matter a lot. And you know which one to put or what works after playing the deck. Yes the carpool is more restricted but that doesn't mean that one commander automatically has exactly 99 cards attached to it. I don't know if you understand what I'm trying to say, I might not be very clear. Also, what I'm saying is based on my experience so it's completely normal that you wouldn't feel the same

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