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AITA for telling my soon-to-be niece that she doesn't need to wear a dress to my wedding?

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  1. Hey don't beat yourself up for it. The important thing is that you learn from your mistakes, so from now on visit your doctor every few months for a check up if things get bad, commit to a plan and your lungs will get better, slowly, but they will. I thought taking my ventolin inhaler every day multiple times was fine because my dr didn't tell me that taking it more than two times a week counts for severe asthma... It's an annoying chronic struggle but there's no shame in taking maintenance inhaler and taking care of yourself.

  2. watching modern family, I used to catch it on TV when I was a kid and didn't interest me but now I'm older and it's really funny.

  3. forcing myself to eat 3 meals every day, I did run on the treadmill for a while it kind of increased my appetite but since March my asthma has been all over the place mixed with depression so I've neen spending most of my time in bed trying not to kill myself or possibly faint from an asthma attack all resulting in me losing more weight

  4. Still coughing :/ I’ll take one puff of albuterol before bed so I don’t hack up a lung in the night. (I usually don’t have symptoms when I sleep, which is a bit weird, I guess.)

  5. I have insomnia from my asthma, you should sleep on your left or right side with two pillows under your head and a pillow between your knees to lessen the pressure on your diaphragm

  6. Whoa in further developments, hello allergies, my old nemesis! ACHOO! :) if I get a full nights’ sleep I will be delighted lol. I nearly always sleep on my sides although sometimes I wake up in the AM with one arm shoved under my pillows (I use two) and my legs doing God knows what hahaha. Tall bitch problems.

  7. Just be careful buddy take an antihistamine if it's too much. Hope you'll be feeling better tomorrow!

  8. from what day to what day do you take it during these 14 days?

  9. do you take it before and during your period or all the time?

  10. Obligatory "and also Recursion by Blake Crouch I liked it better" followed by someone else saying "oh really I liked Dark Matter better" etc.

  11. I've read both dark matter and recursion and they were AMAZING! thank you all!

  12. Saturn Run by John Sanford and Cstein. It's considered hard sci-fi so it might be something you're looking for. I read it awhile ago but I remember it being pretty good as far as the science goes.

  13. Your doctor is stupid saying that air purifier won't help! Also u can buy a very good air pollution mask that can filter all pollution particles while u hang outside ! Best treatment is prevention!

  14. I do have a mask with giant filters on it but I'm trying to stay indoors as much as possible

  15. When we have wildfires here I close up all the windows and doors, put a damp towel under my doors and some windows, and turn on both my air purifiers (HEPA). The sooner I do that the better.

  16. Thank you! I have to get an air purifier. What do you think about humidifiers in such weather?

  17. Sometimes I wish I had this sub's first world problems

  18. Huh.... I've been bruising all over my legs for years now, way before I started inhalers. I think some of us just bruise like a peach.

  19. Have you had covid? long covid is real and I've had it for over a year now, I'm constantly out of breath and exhausted and walking any distance can f me up, I did blood tests and they came back normal but my lung function was a little bad so I'm on medication but it doesn't matter I'm still tired most of the time and breathless and I still have parosmia so long covid is a good candidate

  20. I have been struggling with SOB before I had Covid, but it’s definitely crossed my mind that Covid (I had it in January) caused extra issues for me.

  21. well that's recent, I've developed asthma 3 years ago before covid and yeah it got worse after so you should consider long covid, I don't know if there's any treatment plan for it tho

  22. my health hasn't been well in a while, please keep me in your du'as

  23. The Martian and/or Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir. Not really Sci-Fi but too good to really matter.

  24. maybe the classics now that she's older? like 1984 or Brave New World. I recently read the invisible life of Addie Larue as well and I think she'd like it.

  25. Hope you get well soon this sounds terrible

  26. thank you so so much!!! i am doing better than before omg. i couldn’t talk at all, now i can hold a conversation with the occasional cough. 😭 it’s something that i never take for granted since i’m “used to it” but still gets me everytime😫

  27. the medication for asthma generally takes a few weeks to work so 7 months is a long time you should switch doctors and show that dr what you've been taking and try new inhalers and meds, I hope you get well soon, maybe the cough at night is triggered so maybe try an air purifier or a humidifier it could help.

  28. same here, I've been reading ebooks for over 8 years and now I have to wear glasses so I did pay the price

  29. Sleep paralysis happens during the REM phase of sleep where dreaming happens, the muscles are paralyzed during this phase and when sleep paralysis happens you kind of wake up but your brain is still in the REM phase which results in those dreams/nightmares mixing in with the reality around you, don't frighten yourself any further and try to avoid sleeping on your back.

  30. I started reading this book called "Breath: the new science of a lost art" and I'm learning new stuff like exercises and how mouth breathing is really bad and I feel like these non medicinal remedies can help along with medication so maybe you can check out that book.

  31. Thanks 👍 I also have a few YouTube videos on nose breathing, but it can only do so much. Like it can help mild shaking/twichiness of my lungs, but it's been pretty challenging the last few days with even a "low" pollen count on the weather network. I literally check almost everyday

  32. honestly I went to my dr. last week feeling very breathless thinking it's a hay fever or something but he told me I have a bacterial infection and gave me antibiotics with my regular inhalers, so I recommend checking in with your doctor again it might be something else

  33. browline glasses or something with round angles

  34. I mostly suffer from nocturnal asthma but when I have too much physical work or walk a relatively long distance I start panting and nearly faint from exhaustion, even when I take the rescue inhaler I still feel debilitated so yeah my endurance is not the same as it was I guess. And of course when it's not controlled it'll make things worse.

  35. Can definitely see how that leads to fatigue. Sounds rough. Have you tried anything that seemed succesful to increase your quality of life?

  36. I'm taking a new inhaler and denk air for the night, it was mostly poor management by me honestly because the medication costs so much

  37. please don't ever become a stranger whose laugh I can recognize anywhere

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