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  1. Even if they were accidental, that would almost be worse. Who accidentally leaves all of these strange objects related to CP laying around? In one commercial you have a little girl holding a teddy bear in a gimp suit, and in the very same commercial you see a document about a court case that was in some way related to CP (haven’t done much research). Now we see this crappy picture with a book written by a guy who painted naked children who were shown engaging in cannibalism. Who the fuck would have these kinds of interests other than a pedophile? Why would this company ever deliberately associate themselves with pedophilia? What could possibly be gained? Why aren’t they being canceled or de-platformed? Is their company banned from Twitter or Facebook? Wouldn’t advertisers be afraid of having their product displayed next to a logo of a company that candidly and shamelessly promotes pedophilia?

  2. Fuck me, this thing is bringing the schizo out of me im honestly scared like fucking goosebumps as if its almost im about to unravel some freaks, drawings on the left and the dates and the human stick drawing on the left getting more and more disturbing

  3. English gang is the best they know how to type proper English because the last part is hard to understand

  4. If you're talking about the usage of "an" instead of "and" than that is simply arguing semantics since both are suitable to be used. Sorry you found that difficult to understand. It's the same as arguing whether or not it's-

  5. What exactly is hard to understand? "Their" is possessive as in they own their wagons. You don't use there as in "over here or over there" and you don't use They're as in "They are". Now please be polite.

  6. Search the pink sauce on Google there is definitely a lawsuit coming. People were just like "omg 444 servings that's angelic". When in reality it was an intentional typo from the creator for that very reason

  7. For people who belive in numbers it means a huge change /success money blah blah blah fake stuff. The creator thought slapping a sequence of numbers on the side of the product means INSTANT success. Too bad she forgot about the actual product because what she sold was an instant failure. It's as foolish as when people blame the moon for their action of being rude to others.

  8. I want to but at the moment I know that’s gonna be a big bill, I need to wait till next paycheck to get him in. Vets aren’t cheap sadly.

  9. I'd say it depends on the procedure. But you are correct. In this case I don't think your dog would require invasive surgery where the animal needs to be put to sleep to undergo operation. That would definitely be way more expensive to pay than say just seeing the vet and having him or her write you a prescription for topical ointment for your dog. Consider calling and getting a rough estimate so you would know what to expect.

  10. I understand it was her choice but I still can't help but blame myself. When she got sick and lost her job I kept getting on her about house chores (she kind of did the same to me when I was without a job a few months finishing college) and I'm sure that didn't help any. The guy online we had been fighting because of my siblings (who have moved out now) and it shouldn't really matter but definitely hurts that she told him she wasn't married.

  11. So tbh couples should NEVER complain about who's doing the house chores regardless of who's working or not. Those are very mundane trivial things. For example if she's not doing them consider maybe she's sad? Take some initiative and do them yourself. Don't complain or say "I work blah blah blah so you should do __________". Don't do that. Be there for her and try to understand maybe she's not feeling so well. Now concerning the cheating aspect of what seems to be going on in your relationship. You have to explain to your wife that you really love her and want to work this out but but if she keeps on cheating on you with other guys then it's painfully obvious that she doesn't love you. Talk to her and resist the urge to make into a fight. Tell her that limits have to be set and your feelings matter. Explain to her that you feel hurt or betrayed when she says things like "I'm not married" to other people yet RP with another guy because that's like saying your not her husband and your marriage isn't important. The truth is ofcourse that you ARE her husband and she is your wife. Your marriage certainly matters as it's an important part of a couples lives. 💑 I know I can see that your marriage matters to you. I will be praying for you guys but yeah man talk to her and definitely set physical limits for BOTH of you concerning the opposites sex and private messaging or having secret relationships that's a huge NO and always ends with someone getting hurt. The same thing happens when couples engage in sexual encounters with more than one partner in a orgy or threesomes. Someone always gets hurt regardless of how cool the internet makes it appear to look the truth is that it's not. Your partner should only be for you and vice versa not for sharing with anyone else. And again never argue about house chores just my advice.

  12. I live in Atlanta. Lol where'd you go that you say it isn't safe? I've lived and traveled abroad and am originally from Miami. This city is plenty safe, just all depends where you and when like most major metropolitan cities I've visited or lived in.

  13. I dont get what people expect to happen here lol he’s already pretty damn accomplished. Not getting additional endorsements or business deals wont take away the money thats been hitting his bank account for the last 2 decades.

  14. Yeah but a lawsuit definitely will. Just ask Alex Jones who is being asked to pay over 2 trillion dollars in damages for something he said in 2012.

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