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  1. Like many others said you don't have to say anything. Source my HS rival died tragically after getting involved with the wrong crowd and making some poor choices. I was shocked for a while but made peace in the end and finally let go of so much hate I had for the guy. It just sucks that I couldn't see how pointless my negative feelings were towards this person when he was alive.

  2. I wonder if it’s actually been a thing for a really long time and somehow the stories around vampires came from it.

  3. Elizabeth Bathory in history used to kill young maidens because she believed there blvvd kept her young

  4. this is very very debatable. in my opinion I never cared about the remakes mainly because I figured they would all be bad. but hey, does anyone wanna recommend some of the remakes you consider "good"

  5. Sorry you feel this way. Don't give up. Things will get better. It can't rain all the time.

  6. SS: A few years ago there was some crazy stories about people waking up one day and going to check their mail and they'd find a random colored sticker put on it. It was in the news for a bit before it slipped into the background noise. What was that? Some kind of weird viral prank or something? It's still a mystery to this day. Some believe it's true purpose was rather dark but I'm interested to hear your thoughts and if you ever found one of these stickers on your mailbox ?

  7. Good thing you’ll never see him suit up again after this film bombs.

  8. I'm so glad. Thought I was the only one who felt this new movie is going to flop.

  9. They deliberately Side lined all the power houses to make the end fight more interesting.

  10. I'm pretty sure he just strangled himself. No worries, go look somewhere else... Here, here's a balloon..

  11. SS. The creator of the you-know-what has been found dead. As Gates is being charged by the Phillipines. Did this creator have some inside knowledge? Was he going to testify? What do you think.

  12. It’s only so high because I’m here 😉

  13. Can I order a fruit salad? Brings bk a bawl of chopped tomatoes 👊

  14. 2016 is when in went into full swing. The year our protector, Harambe, was taken from us.

  15. SS: My theory is that sometime during or after 2015 reality as we once knew it shifted slightly into something different not an alternate timeline or dimension but the same time and place albeit, different. It's hard to explain but things clearly began heading downward from then on.

  16. SS:Anyone else recall September 23 , 2017 as some pivotal date of the planet X theory? That was the date in which the planets formed some thing in the sky. I belive they aligned and everyone was freaking out talking about a pole shift. Now years later just crickets. Absolutely no one's talking about it. Also recall the incident where an observatory shut down for a few days prior.

  17. And that 3 days of darkness event is going to happen. That is the sixth seal of revelation and the event in revelation 12:4.

  18. It was alleged during September 23, 2017 Planet X would be visible for once. Unfortunately for me I didn't own a telescope at the time.

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