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  1. I was the cheating alcoholic but my husband was an alcoholic narcissist and I needed an escape route. You need be honest with the woman and find out the truth of her situation 🤍

  2. Yes Sydney vs Melbourne. Always been this way. Which is the best city? My vote is for Sydney by a million miles.

  3. I used heroin with a strange man on a hill in kings x. He was just out of jail. I had sex with him. Horrendous and dangerous. Always did shit like this… can’t believe what I used to do

  4. I was always muscular,flat stomach etc. All gone now so am flabby and unable build muscle anymore plus don’t have the energy to do it. Fuck menopause

  5. It’s bullshit that’s stuff. What alco wants drink something that resembles alcohol without any effect? Also I find all that stuff most triggering. Know of a woman in AA who promotes a posh expensive non alcoholic spirit product and I find that quite odd. Definitely isn’t cool for alcoholics this NA rubbish.

  6. I feel for you. That’s a most difficult position to be in. I am not going to offer you any solutions or suggestions but I can offer you my empathy and understanding and to let you know you’re not alone in this place and that,eventually it will pass. I know of great darkness myself and have found that a small dose of Lexapro ( less than 2.5 mg) can lift me out of the hole. Perhaps you could talk to your doc bout this? Feel free to messsge me

  7. Am tired of being tired. Have aged 10 years in 2 because of chemo,have gained 2 stone so am now fat. Have no friends,no boyfriend and live with my mother and sister and am old. It’s very difficult to take. Hope someone reads this,won’t feel quite so alone then. Thanks for hearing me.

  8. don’t beat yourself up! we’re all doomed to live out life in a flesh suit we didn’t choose, but you’re not alone! don’t lose your voice sending you a hug!

  9. Magnesium is great for joint pain. Specifically magnesium glycinate or citrate. Am trying get off hrt myself. Gained 2stone and didn’t help much at all. Hope it goes well for you. Agree on the collagen. Get a decent form, Collagen peptides or the like.

  10. Thanks; I’ve been taking magnesium oxide but only realised this week that it’s probably not doing much. Annoying. In the process of switching over.

  11. The best magnesium I’ve found is “Pure” brand magnesium glycinate. If you can find it I have no doubt it will help you:)

  12. Good for your hair if you can embrace your natural colour ! I was platinum blonde hair fell out due chemo and then “chemo pause”. Stopped colouring and my hair is healthy and longish. Can you embrace your natural hair? Also take collagen, good vitamin Bs. Certain HRT helpful for hair too.

  13. I found meetings “warm and fuzzy” when I first came into the rooms. 8 years on and I see AA in a different light. Personally I opened my heart too much too soon and ended up giving myself away,thinking everyone was fabulous. Now I realise that AA is a great place to get sober but on the whole,I wouldn’t want socialise with many in there. So I just use the tools of the program, have a close relationship with God and listen to a few zoom meetings. It’s enough for me. Also I help people whenever I can,not just alcoholics. Too many damaged,unwell people in the rooms for me so I just “ take the good and leave the rest”…

  14. When I was 33, I went through chemo for NHL, at 42 autoimmune disease shut down my kidneys and caused 50lbs of fluid retention in 4 months that led to a massive PE. At 44 a weird persistent pain was found to be caused by an HPV cancer i my pelvic area.

  15. Yes I had chemo as well and it definitely ages you. Thank you for your answer. ☺️❤️

  16. I’ve grieved regularly over my pretty face & bikini body over & over again. Especially when I buy clothes & put an outfit together in my head & I automatically imagine it on my old body, only to look in the mirror & see a right bloody mess. I had to have a rethink & decided to lean into it. I enjoy a bit of vintage & enjoy mixing it all up. There are so many great make up brands & formulas I’ve found you can try on mature skin. I like bright bold nails 💅 which I do myself. For the sake of exercise I go on a “ catwalk “. I can’t afford a gym subscription but I like walking around the local area listening to my favourite music meeting the local cats. Sometimes a little chat with their owners. I know I’m the wild haired, zebra print wearing cat nut but it’s good for my heart & soul, so this is the new generation me. Not hot, not sexy but doing ok & enjoying what I can.

  17. HRT is the the answer for everyone however I do believe it should be more readily available for the woman who want/need it. The figures don’t surprise me at all,menopause and all it’s associated difficulties,mentally and physically, is definitely one of the most difficult transitions for woman to go through. I think there should be much more awareness and help available so that woman don’t have to battle through it alone. HRT is one thing but support,understanding and help in psychological areas could sure help many woman too who are unable to take HRT.

  18. Something that has been going around.

  19. Oh my gosh, it's awful and I'm so relieved to hear that I'm not alone. My entire life I've had high self-esteem and confidence and now it's practically non-existent. As a life long singleton (which I'm OK with), I never had issues dating or meeting people and now I can't for the life of me get my confidence together to believe that I have anything at all to offer anyone, romantically or platonically. I too see a therapist and she said that if being hard on oneself was a diagnosable illness, I would definitely be diagnosed. I am becoming more and more hermit-like with each passing day. :(

  20. I feel like this, but putting myself out there anyway through volunteering and local hiking group. I still ask myself why anyone would want to hang out with me though. Like when someone does, I’m completely surprised and almost want to ask them why.

  21. Consider going back to your group, and raising your hand, and getting a sponsor.

  22. Had 5 sponsers worked the steps done all of it moved towns and it’s not the same

  23. Consider calling your sponsor, or at least calling someone.

  24. To me it felt like an overnight thing. Unable budge any of it hate looking in the mirror and trying on clothes. Don’t know if hrt put it on mr or purely menopause. Flat belly all my life now such a fat belly. So frustrating and uncomfortable. Bloody menopause…

  25. I munch on up to 4/5 of these daily and more often than not now all I feel is hungry and tired. Early days what you’re doing would be been nice.

  26. You might get the urge to take more just don’t pass like 25 mg

  27. Same. Extra sensitive to moon and also the vibes of everyone around me. Sleeps been on/off for years. How do others cope?

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