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Prince Andrew makes 'unprecedented' request for all witness testimony in sex abuse case to be kept secret

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  1. The best part... "We were not going to let government take away the rights that are the gift from God, not from government."

  2. "Unless you are the wrong color, or gay, or a woman, or a democrat."

  3. OK one possible angle for doing this - and I'm hoping this is why - right now it's extremely difficult to do literally anything about potentially violent mentally ill people on the street. They have the right to decline any sort of intervention unless they're caught in the act of harming someone. If the emergency powers will shift this untenable situation which ties the hands of all service providers as well as the police, then maybe, just maybe, it will help someone. But probably not.

  4. You have been misinformed there is no use of emergency powers this is just collection of data.

  5. I think a precedent to collect information is a good thing I don't know how anyone could ever make any informed decision without collecting information first.

  6. Not to mention we now have people making guns in record numbers.

  7. Yes a conspiracy... Or they steal the guns. Criminals don't often have lots of respect for the law.

  8. Yeah and the criminals are laundering those guns by replacing the frames with un-serialized 80% polymer ones to hide where they came from.

  9. A vast majority of the time these people are supposedly responsible gun owners until suddenly they aren't, I am all for a zero tolerance policy on gun violence.

  10. * Radical religious right-wing terrorists commit an attack in TN.

  11. Radical would mean they are outside the norm for far right terrorist. this seems pretty much par for the course for them.

  12. How upset would you be if you were going to do life for murder and you shot the wrong person?

  13. I would take anything that uses Project Veritas as a source with more than a grain of salt.

  14. That entire neighborhood in Philly (Germantown Ave) has been plagued by gang violence.

  15. The Drive by is the most American of activities combining the joy of American automotive traditions with the American love of gun fire.

  16. American may not have created the drive by but we have sure adopted and perfected it. one of the geniuses of American ingenuity is to take something and make it better.

  17. Climate change is causing disasters even faster than predicted.

  18. You know, some states stop the clock on criminal statute of limitations if the victim or perpetrator leaves the state to live somewhere else. Maybe he's still culpable for the criminal charges? Did either of them move out of state within 5 years of the crime?

  19. none of the claims are criminal the case is a defamation civil one.

  20. She also apparently signed a settlement with Epstein saying she wouldn't sue him or anyone else over any claims.

  21. And its an epidemic because its effecting white people.

  22. I've got questions do you have answers? can I mine coins on my tandy?

  23. WTH where's all the snow that would stop this?

  24. I am not sure why they keep calling it a sex abuse case its a defamation case not a criminal trial.

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