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Gwen Stacy supremacy

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Protests against the vaccine card in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Jesus fucking Christ there are more comments talking about how great this comment section is then there are good comments in this comments section.

  2. This comment section made me so happy 😁

  3. It truly makes me feel like we are in the best possible timeline

  4. Hbly fucking shit where the fuck can I buy all of this

  5. There are several rip off Van Gogh shows that follow the main one around. Everyone hates the copyright system, but this is exactly what it prevents.

  6. Does it, because it sounds like these rip-off shows are doing pretty damn good if they're following the main one around.

  7. I definitely appreciate Gwen’s thickness more. But, that’s subjective, of course.

  8. If by subjective, you mean objective, then you're right.

  9. Well I mean the vaccine doesn't stop you from Catching it it stops you from dying.

  10. It did, but the only person that went was Greg. And nobody liked Greg anyway.

  11. What the fuck do you have against Old Gregg? Is it because he had a mangina? You fucking sexist

  12. I feel like this is kind of a question you have to answer yourself. You have to ask yourself, was this person convincing enough to me as the dungeon master, to forgo this roll, because let's be honest, not everything needs a check. Plenty of things in this game need a skill check but not everything.

  13. I kind of agree with the first part and I don't really know about the second part seems kind of sus

  14. I see things like this and fully understand why Shinji decided to murder the entire planet

  15. I see things like this and think, damn I could have saved 15% or more on my car insurance

  16. Don't you mean Stockholm America I thought it was only America that had idiots

  17. Yooo, are those Cicin mages at 0:14 did a Kodomo No Jikan reference!

  18. Tldr jumpy space bois love guns forb long time

  19. Tbf anyone on tinder in 2022 should be expecting bottom of the barrel meme content at best, unironic bs at worst.

  20. Honestly to me it just all sounds like a fancy new way for rich people to move money around.

  21. Is it gonna numb my body and send my mind into the game?

  22. No but I can help you out with that for $40.

  23. She casually took the blades out and pulled her shoes off to reveal prosthetic feet, then stabbed the captor before calmly walking off.

  24. Man this guy really needs to work on his reaction time.

  25. Shield hero fans when someone like antagonists:

  26. Damn no hero hei? He needs to step his drama game up

  27. Oh god, not Hero Hei. But he's not even a GI Youtuber right? He's literally just drama incarnate, or at least drama wannabe. He brings attention to dumbasses with 10 likes, and 3 quoteretweets or some shit.

  28. He's not a genshin impact YouTuber but he has been covering a lot of genshin impact drama.

  29. How can anybody take this like seriously and actually be upset when you didn't even get two words in the title without making a pun?

  30. nah thats the executioner, he had a gig as an elvis impersonator right before the beheading, that’s why he’s in costume

  31. Well then to be fair she got what she deserved for stepping on his Blue Suede Shoes

  32. Personally I've always felt that it had to do with religion.

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