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  1. With a few exceptions, most fable NPCs have the Birmingham accent. It's possible that the actors are also from there.

  2. Yeah, it detaches from the train when you dock. I think we all wish it was different. I just end up never docking my sea truck unless it needs a charge. I normally exclusively use it for my prawn suit.

  3. Newest update added a seatruck dock

  4. Honestly, I am having trouble getting into RDO. After playing single player, it just feels like a frustrating grind. I think for me it's the handicaps. Horse bonding is slower and only getting 11 cents or less when you loot is massively frustrating. Riding my horse from one state to the next is almost painful, it's easier just to run. What's the point of having the horse? I think the most frustrating part of the whole thing is that the single player experience is still achievable within RDO, but devs have put it behind either a Cascade of handicaps to grind through or pay money.

  5. i think it’s a pretty decent game that’s underrated, i love the art style, joker can be funny in it sometimes though

  6. Aw does someone need attention today? Well I'm not going to give it to you. But you can have this down vote! Enjoy!

  7. The Batman Arkham games used to mean something to a lot of people and now it's just a big fucking joke to the whole world. You guys have ruined the idea that this was a cool game by carrying on like children.

  8. If you dont like arkham world than I would suggest you leave

  9. Zig zag is the key. Once I started doing it, I haven't been touched once. It's like they can't calculate your movements.

  10. It's an ongoing joke. Basically Arkham Fanboys have waited so long for a sequel that they have mentally cracked. Arkham World was made up as a coping mechanism. Now its just the ruin of this sub and a joke they won't let die.

  11. Festival in blood is a seperate game on ps+ you can stream it as an individual game.

  12. It seems like they are severely allergic to light which indicates that they wouldn't have any kind of adaption to deal with high or low light environments. So the fact that the eyes do not dilate kind of makes sense because they don't ever go into the light and back out of it.

  13. Ant-man and spider-man team up. Imagine a suit power that uses Pym particles.

  14. It was a tremendous money grab for ubisoft. Instead of prioritizing quality they prioritized quantity.

  15. I had just finished Miles Morales and got the Bodega cat suit (an orange cat in a backpack) and then started stray. My son says "is that the cat from spiderman?" So we promptly named them spiderman.

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