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  1. Banks seem to run their businesses like a players on the casino floor at the MGM and loose it all. Then want governments to step in and with handouts.

  2. Yellen even said that smaller banks who do not pose a systemic risk due to failure, will not get the same protections and "not bailouts" that the big banks will. Pretty shitty stuff.

  3. You're right, the stable coins will help to stop contagion. But I don't like First Republic Bank or Pacwest Bancorp. They're both too small and insignificant for me.

  4. You still have 0% unlimited ltv loans backed by the government for us rich clients right???

  5. I ask this a nicely as possible.. are you neurodivergent? It seems like you’re having time accepting the answer, which is something that happens to me often.

  6. Asking questions about neurology when all I am trying to do is find out why it’s a bill and not a check isn’t very polite.

  7. I only ask because you’ve gotten a few decent answers and still don’t seem to get it.

  8. I love rich sessions, especially when I bankroll a new Congress and senate and have them work on stimulus packages that only benefit me!!

  9. Not enough information bout you to answer correctly, how old are you, 6 months? 1 year? 1.5?

  10. I don’t see what the controversy is, the person that made this statement is truly one of us. Not enough calories to make a simple calculation. Nothing more frugal than that.

  11. Hopefully you don’t hire any new workers to replace those you laid off. Add more work too. Make the remaining employees live in fear of losing their jobs, and keep working them as hard as possible until they die or off themselves. Too many entrepreneurs fail because they feel something I’ve heard referred to as “sympathy” for the peasants. Keep up the good work. We need folks like you in our club.

  12. I made everyone triple their production and made a 6 days work week. I also increased the work day to 12 hours. This was only stage one as I didn’t want to hit them with the 16 hour work day too soon.

  13. One of the hidden benefits of a longer work week is the exhaustion that your serfs will experience in their home lives, leaving them with less energy to procreate. You can save a lot of money in health insurance costs by not paying for those crotch goblins.

  14. “A lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinion of sheep” — Abraham Lincoln (probably)

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